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The Bow School District strongly believes that children need to be educated in a healthy school environment. This environment includes access to nutritious foods and daily opportunities to be physically active. Well-planned and effectively implemented school nutrition and fitness programs have been shown to enhance students’ overall health, as well as their attendance, behavior and academic success. Staff wellness is also an integral part of a healthy school environment. Adults interacting and working with students can be daily role models for healthy behaviors. Creating this healthy school environment helps to encourage the development of lifelong wellness practices. Our wellness policy is designed to effectively utilize school and community resources and to equitably serve the needs and interests of all students and staff of the Bow School District.

It is the goal of the Bow School District that all students shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious food choices and enjoy physical activity choices for a lifetime. All staff members in the Bow School District are encouraged to model healthful eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life.