Welcome to the BES REACH Program! 

REACH offers a variety of enrichment opportunities which happen throughout the school year. Some involve in-class work with teachers, others involve sign-ups for after school gatherings. Check out the site for some of the exciting events REACH provides.

Invention Convention Update:
Madison Pfister's video to be shown at nationals in Washington D.C.

Color Fly

Garden Group/Cool Cucumbers

BES Garden:    Plans are in the works for the upcoming outdoor growing season. We'll be planting annuals for our front entrance planting and gathering students to learn about gardening in our after school groups.



Please enjoy these Fall 2015  School Tour  clips by our own BES students!

BES Tour Part 1 - Entrance


BES Tour Part 2 Unified Arts

BES Tour Part 3 - Classrooms

BES Tour Part 4 - Library and More