You walk through the woods.   At a cross roads, you find a sign nailed to a tree.  It reads: 

Calling all adventurers!

Do you seek gold, treasures, fame and power?  Do you long for the roaming, meandering, unending road?  Do you wish to see the world and all of it’s glory, to bask in the sights of inspiring lands, to meet the myriad folk of the varied kingdoms? Do you yearn to test yourself in battle, against unimaginable foes, pitting your wits and skills against throngs of villainous miscreants and the creatures of nights?  Do you wish to challenge the fates and make yourself more than you are now, to make the bards sing a song of not other heroes, but of you, a creature of legend?  

If so, then come, all you elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, and whatever ever else you might be.  Come to the Dragon and Goose on the Isle of the Hand.  

There, I offer you your destiny.  

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Mr Dixon                                            Ms Mitchell
Kaythi Tu and Tony Dal Pos--CoPresidents 2015-16

What is Hood and Jesses?

We're the Live Action Role Play organization at Bow High School.  We charge into the woods, donning not only our favorite medieval and fantasy costumes, but also new lives, new personalities. We become elves, dwarves, orcs, halflings, goblins, werewolves, spiders and thousands of other beings. For one hour every Monday, we live the lives of heroes and villains, monsters and pirates, royalty and peasants; for that hour, we live our dreams. 



Room 1311