I would like to provide a few reminders.

All prescription medication must be delivered to school by a parent/guardian in the original prescription container.  Students are not to carry any medication with them including any over the counter medications other than approved asthma inhalers (see below).  All medication must be stored in the Health Office.

On the first day of school your child will bring home an Emergency Card.  Please fill this out and return it to school ASAP !  It is very important that we have updated contact information in the case of emergencies or illness.  Please include any other medical information that you feel is important for us to know. The form is to be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and returned to school as soon as possible.  

If your child is sick, please keep them home from school!  Your child must be fever and/or vomit-free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.  

Students with asthma should have a new asthma action plan from their physician.  If they carry their own inhaler a student may want to keep a back-up in the Health Office.  All inhalers must be marked with your child’s name.

Students with severe allergies should have a new severe allergic reaction plan for school.  Epi-pens should be delivered to school by the first day.  This is for your child’s safety.

Please notify the health office of any changes in your child’s medical history that may have occurred over the summer.  This includes any recent immunizations. Proof of immunization from the physician is required.

As a reminder, any time during the school year that your child has an immunization or a physical, please ask the doctor’s office for a copy of the updated immunization and physical form for the school.  

Please remember that snacks that contain any nuts are NOT allowed in the classroom.  While we understand this can be inconvenient, it is for the safety of many of our students with severe allergies.  Thank you for your efforts in this area!

Please feel free to call, email or stop in if you have any questions or concerns..  


Shannon Donahue, RN

Bow Elementary School

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