Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Families,

We are looking forward to a wonderful spring in second grade. 

Literacy:  Students are now reading across the genres and working on decoding multi-syllabic words and determining their meaning if unknown.  Comprehension of a variety of text styles is a focus of second grade.  We go beyond fiction and non-fiction to discuss fantasy, historical fiction, biographies, fables and stories from other cultures.

Mathematics:  Your student is working on two and three digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.  In second grade we work on a variety of strategies for this work.  We don't talk about "carrying the one" we have the children talk about regrouping the hundreds, tens and ones places.  We want to be sure they understand that the "one" represents one group of ten or one group of a hundred.  We are also working with expanded form and empty number lines to assist in the process of adding and subtracting.   

Writing:  We are working in the informational unit of writing.  We are writing lab reports for science and "how-to" books.  Next up will be opinion writing.

Stay in touch, we are a home/school team!

Patti, Meghan, Monica, Kristin W., Lisa, and Kristin M.