Welcome to Second Grade!

Dear Families,

Our time together is winding down! Your children have grown so much this school year. We hope they are as proud, of themselves, as we are

In Literacy the students are using all of their wonderful skills in reading and writing to investigate Biomes. They will be reading about the plants and animals of the different Biomes of our world. They will be choosing a plant, animal, or bird to do a research project on. They will also be creating board games from the information they learn. These are wonderful projects that the kiddos really enjoy!

The chicken eggs will be arriving the week of May 7th. We will incubate them for 21 days. During this time we will study how the chicks are developing inside the eggs. We will candle them around day 9 to check if we can see the eye. That is always very exciting.

Our second grade writers are finishing their opinion writing unit in the next few weeks.  For our last unit we will return to Narrative Writing. 

In Mathematics we will continue to practice a variety of strategies to solve 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction. We will also be working on Measurement and Graphs before the end of the school year.

Patti, Meghan, Monica, Kristin W., Lisa, and Kristin M.