Fall Allergies!
Many students are bothered by seasonal allergies or sensitivities. 
There are several over- the- counter options for long acting medications that do not cause drowsiness and allow for students to attend and focus at school. Check with your doctor or pharmacist for the best options for your child.
Check it out! 
8:-8:30 DAILY

$1:75 Full Meal
or Ala Carte Available

Students Playing Sports 
Need physical exams within 2 years on file with the School Nurse.   

ImPACT Baseline 
Concussion Testing
E-mail the BMS Nurse to sign up your 7th or 8th Grade Student for a baseline test. direland@bownet.org

 HPV  Vaccine 
Ask your doctor about this cancer prevention vaccine!
Recommended at 11-12 years for best protection.

Got Head Lice?
Click here for some helpful information on finding and treating head lice. 

Safe Kids NH Coalition
Safety Tips

Click here for some  safety tips.

School Attendance Matters!
Some tips on school attendance benefits.

Should My Child Go To School? A guide to when your child can attend school and when they should stay home.