Welcome to Ms. Russell's Kinder News!

May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Please ask your kiddo about the beautiful assembly that we had yesterday!

Dates to Remember
  • May 30th - June 1st - Book Fair for classes in the library

  • June 1st - Ed Fair 5:30-7pm (Open House)
  • June 9th- NO SCHOOL for K (screening incoming Ks)
  • June 12th- All BES Library books due

  • June 20th - Spirit Day

  • June 21st - Move Up Day

  • June 22nd - Last Day of School (Early Release at 12:15pm)

May 20, 2017

Reading: In Reading, we are continuing to practice tapping out unknown words. We are also working on using expression when reading sentences with fluency. We will meet Trying Lion this upcoming week and he's going to show us how to reread the sentence again and try a word that makes sense using our picture and letter sounds to help. He knows it can be challenging, so we just need to try our very best! That's what's important! 

This past week we read, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. We then watched a short clip on Eric Carle's picture writer process on how he creates all of his illustrations in his books. First he paints and texturizes pieces of paper. Then, once the paper is dry he traces the different shapes that he needs to create his illustration on the back of the painted paper. Finally, he cuts these shapes out and glues them together to create his master piece on a separate piece of construction paper. Our illustrators went through this same magical process and created their own flower illustrations... so much fun! 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Writing: We started our Opinion Writing Unit! As we know these amazing kiddos have lots of opinions and problems to solve! So to start, each student chose a problem that they've encountered (wishes for a later bedtime, littering, siblings being mean). Then each student provided 3 reasons to try and convince/persuade their reader to agree with them. 

Math: Gus the Plus's naughty brother Linus the Minus introduced himself to the class last week. Linus told us his story of why he's so naughty... "Linus the Minus is a naughty young lad, always TAKING AWAY he is oh so bad! When he comes around you will end up with LESS! He makes a bid DIFFERENCE but he'll never confess!" Students have created story problems, drawn pictures, and practiced writing equations using Linus the Minus! They even crafted their very own minus sign. 

Subtraction Toss- Each student took a turn tossing two bean bags onto numbered paper plates. We all recorded the equation and used our fingers to help us find the difference. We learned that the larger number always has to go first in a subtraction problem. 

Subtraction Smash- Students roll a die. If the die lands on five they add 5 play-doh balls to the board. The roll the die a second time. If the die lands on 3, then they have to "smash" 3 play-doh balls and write the subtraction equations. For example, 5-3=2. 

Science: Right after April vacation we we started our planting unit! To introduce our planting unit, we had a guided discovery on seeds! With our magnifying glasses, we worked with a partner to make observations using our senses. The only sense we couldn't use was taste! Hanging on our windows you will find our greenhouses where we planted two garden beans. We are starting to see some sprouting! On our windowsills you find 20 little pots filled with soil (1 pot for Team 211)... our Morning Glories are starting to sprout and grow! We learned what plants need in order to survive, so as long as Ms. Russell remembers to water our plants everyday then we should be in good shape because they have sunlight, soil, and oxygen! 

This week we did an experiment to show how the stem of a plant is much like a straw. Make a prediction: What do you think will happen when we put white Daisy flowers in water that has food coloring in it? Students predictions included: The flower will wilt, the leaves will change color, the petals will change color, the stem will turn that color, and more! After testing our experiment, we learned that the white Daisy petals took the color of the water that they were soaked in.  We learned how the water is absorbed by the roots and travels all the way up the stem to feed top of the flower, so if the white Daisy flowers are in blue water for a few days then the petals will turn blue. Many students were surprised that the Daisy in yellow water, had the petals that changed color the quickest and with great vibrance. We thought the darker colors would be more apparent! 

Nature Walk: 
Yesterday we went out on a nature walk to enjoy the beautiful sunshine (We did not venture out on the trails in the woods, instead we did a loop around the school as Ms. Russell is nervous about ticks). Using our nature walk checklist, we observed and appreciated some of nature's beautiful creations. We also had explored the Cool Cucumbers Garden and found fun hopscotch stones! We love being outside!

May 11, 2017

Backstage Fun
(Before our Kindergarten Performance)

May 2, 2017

Authors' Tea Party
A huge thank you to all of our families for coming to our writing celebration! We loved sharing our writing and recycled 3D robot creations with you! Your support means so much to us!

April 14, 2017

Dates to Remember
April 14th - Night of Song, 6:00, BHS Auditorium 
April 17th  - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast (7:00AM to 8:30 AM) 
April 18th - 4th Grade Play, 6:30, BHS Auditorium 
April 19th - Lynn Lyons, 6:00, BHS Auditorium 
April 21st -  Report Cards Go Home 
April 24th - April 28th - Spring Break 
April 27th - Rock N Race - Uno’s Doughraiser (All Day- please bring the flyer with you) 
May 10th - PTO Meeting 7:00PM in the Library 
May 11th - Kindergarten Concert, 6:00, BHS Auditorium 
May 16th - ROCK N RACE 6:00PM at the State House in Concord- Register Here (Click on  link)  
May 23rd - 3rd Grade Concert, 6:30, BHS Auditorium 
May 30th - June 1st - Book Fair 
June 1st -  BES Education Fair - 5:30

Sneak Peek from Our Past Week
Ask your Kinder:
  • About their color poem 
  • How we made lightning in the classroom!
  • To tell you about the jelly bean activity
  •  To find a real life example of each 3D solid (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere) in the house
  • To tell you about the shoe greeting (a new greeting we introduced during morning meeting)
  • To share with you the best part of their week!
  • Practiced the "H brothers" by: finding them in texts and using them in our writing
  • We crafted Thumb Booklets to practice our "th brother"... we even brainstormed a list of "th" words! 
  • Our book buddies continued to help us practice our visualization skills. Creating a mental image while reading is important because it helps us with retelling and comprehending story elements. 

  • Finished up our how-to writing pieces
  • Started our poetry exploration... super exciting! 
  • We wrote color poems and used watercolors to help make our poems come to life 
"Ms. Russell, this is my megladon shark. Blue is a megladon shark!"

  • Explored with pennies, nickels, and dimes 
  • Sorted and compared the attributes of 3D solids
  • Solved addition equations using: number lines, unifix cubes, cuisenairre rods, counters, and more! (We will be introducing subtraction after April vacation)
  • Practiced our number writing 
  • Continued to practice identifying and building teen numbers (a group of 10 and ____ extra ones) 

April 6, 2017

Upcoming Dates & Reminders
  • Friday, 4/7 - PTO Bingo Night 
  • Saturday, 4/8 - Easter Egg Hunt 
  • Friday, 4/14- PTO Night of Songs (Ms. Russell will be performing in the teacher surprise)
  • 4/21- Authors' Tea Party
  • 4/24-4/28- Spring Break
  • 5/9 - Peter Rabbit Tales Field Trip
  • 5/11- Kindergarten Concert
  • 6/20- Field Day
  • 6/22 - Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:15pm

April 5, 2017

Ask your Kinder:
  • To show you how to hop on a number to help solve an addition sentence (2+3=)
  • To tell you about the cloud experiment- what is a cloud made of?
  • To share their thoughts about the author visit 
  • To find a penny and nickel hidden under the couch cushions 
  • To sing you the penny song 
  • To tell you the best part of their week 
Boy, these H brothers sure are tricky! To help us practice we are focusing on a different H brother each week. Last week we made chicks to help us with our "Ch" brother named Charlie who loves choo-choo trains. This week we made whales to help us with our "Wh" brother named Whit, who loves to whistle.

This is an example of the poster that Ms. Russell has created in our classroom. The story told with each H brother helps the kiddos to remember the sound that "brother" makes and the position that there mouth needs to be in in order to produce that sound. 

Our big buddies came last Friday! They helped us practice some of our comprehension skills. While our big buddies were reading a story to us, we pictured the different parts of the story and drew our visualizations on whiteboards. Creating a mental image while reading is super important and helps us when we try to recall the details from a book we read. 

Ms. Russell hid eggs in our bean table. When we opened each egg, we found some magnetic letters. We had to figure out how to put the magnetic letters in order to make one of our passwords. We had to be eggsperts! 

The story of Gus the Plus 

Using our Gus the Pluses to help us add!

Building and exploring with 3D solids!
I wonder which 3D solids roll? Slide? Stack? Let's test it!

PSA: "Ms. Russell is rich!" :) We have introduced the name and value of a penny and nickel (next week, dime). Ms. Russell has a whole container filled with real coins for her students to use when playing math games; therefore Ms. Russell is rich! 

Piggy Bank Addition with pennies

Penny and Nickel Race - which coin will win?

Number Line Fun
We created our own number line, but there's a catch... we had to try and get in order without using our voices. We did awesome! We are learning how to use a number line as a tool to help us add. 

Science: At the end of March we started our weather unit! Did you know that we are meteorologists who study and track weather patterns!? We started our weather exploration by brainstorming a list of all of the different types of weather that we want to learn more about. To kick off our exploration of weather, we chose four of our favorite types of weather and illustrated an activity that we enjoy doing in each. For example, in sunny weather I love to go to the beach and jump in the waves. We turned this piece of large construction paper with our beautiful illustrations into our wind socks! Our wind socks helped us discover which direction the wind was blowing by observing the direction of the streamers (we observed that the wind's direction can change very quickly)! Last week we focused on learning about the sun and the gifts that it offers us: 1. the sun provides light 2. the sun generates heat 3. the sun feeds plants. We then talked about how important it is to protect ourselves from too much sun. We did a fun experiment where we looked at how sunblock protected a piece of construction paper from fading. This week we are learning about clouds! We started the week by going outside and observing the different types of clouds that we saw in the sky. We talked about how clouds come in all different shapes and sizes, they're made up of small water particles, and they help protect us from the sun.  I can't wait to see which type of weather we learn about next week...!

We started our wind discovery by learning that even though we can't see wind we still know it's there. Our breath creates wind and was able to move paint! 

What will the wind blow? We predicted which objects we thought the wind would and wouldn't be able to blow. We used a box fan to generate our wind!

Testing our wind socks! Say, wind rocks! "WIND ROCKS!" 


March 20, 2017

Ask your Kinder:
  • Who Gus the Plus is
  • How the math machine works
  • To find a sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone somewhere in the house
  • About their how-to story topic in Writing 
  • To show you how Chunky Monkey helps in figuring out an unknown word
  • To read you a story and make a text-to-text or text-to-self connection to the story
  • About the "H brothers" (th, wh, ch, sh)
St Patrick's Day Activities 

Silly Leprechaun peed in our toilet!

Then the leprechaun managed to get into some paint that Ms. Russell left out and ran across our island!

We made rhyming rainbows to try and lure the leprechaun in to our classroom in hopes that we would find a pot of gold. 

And Friday morning this is what we found... The leprechaun left us each a gold coin!

During reading centers last week, we made shamrocks and wrote about why we are lucky. (These projects are currently being hung on our best work hooks... coming home soon!)

"I am lucky because I have a brother!"

"I am lucky because my friends are amazing!" 

During math centers, we used gold coins to help us make addition equations. We rolled a dice to determine how many gold coins to put on the first pot and then rolled the dice again to fill the second pot. We then added the gold coins from both pots together to find out how many gold coins we had in total. We also played a roll, add, and cover partner game. 

March 10, 2017

Dear Families,

Next week we will begin learning more about 3D shapes!  We are looking for donations of objects/recycled goods that we may keep to build a 3D shape collection in our classroom. We will be learning about cylinders, spheres, cubes and cones. If you have objects that represent these shapes such as paper towel/toilet paper rolls, party hats or other objects please send them our way. We will be collecting items until April vacation!

Thanks for all you do,

J Ms. Russell 

March 6, 2017
Friendly Updates: 
  • Snow clothes- Currently the play structure is dry, so the kiddos will be able to go on the structure without snow clothes. However, we ask that they wear boots if they are going on the field due to mud. Please send snow clothes back in when/if it snows again and or it's freezing out and you would like your child to wear the clothing to help stay warm. 
  • Password Rings - This week is our last week of adding new passwords. The passwords are because and it. Please continue to practice the passwords at home with your kiddo!
Upcoming Dates:
  • Teacher Workshop - Tuesday, March 14th 
  • Next Thursday (March 16th), the BES Math & Literacy Committees are hosting an event, "Camp- Learn- A-Lot" in the cafeteria from 5:30-7pm. Please come and visit the different "campsites" where math and literacy activities will be set up. (I told the kiddos I will be there at a math "campsite" so to please come visit!) You are invited to dress in your camping wear for this fun event, and please know that it is an open house style so you can come and go at anytime!
February 24, 2017 
Happy February Vacation! 

Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 
Ask your Kinder:
  • to sing the teen number song (a group of 10 and ____ extra ones). 
  • why 100 isn't a teen number
  • why we were "locked" out of our classroom (Friday morning) 
  • about our picnic with our stuffed animals
  • to tell you about our science experiment where we used crisco and ice cold water 
  • to share the best part of their week 
Read Across America Week Spirit 
Monday- We were all colorful and bright! 

Tuesday- Cat & The Hat with Thing 1 & Thing 2



We used ring finger flashlights to read and skywrite our passwords!

Using a flashlight to read with our book buddies!

Thursday & Friday: Teddy Bear Adventures

On Thursday, our bears helped us with so many fun activities! We read to them, wrote a story about how they got ready for school, discussed their likes/dislikes, and even used their help with sorting and graphing 3 different types of teddy grahams (after all a bear does need a full belly before hibernating)! At the end of the day, our bears went into hibernation in our bear den... but to our surprise they woke up in the middle of the night! 

On Friday, when we were getting off the bus Ms. Russell, Mrs. Margolis, & Mrs. Kaufman were all locked out of our classrooms. There keys weren't working! Mr. Len our maintenance man, had to come up to let us in. You will never believe the party that we walked in to... 

As the children were cleaning up the mess that their stuffed animals made, I happened to look over at the take-a-break chair and this is what I found...

After the busy night our bears had we decided they needed to continue hibernating, but once again they became hungry and woke up just in time to have a picnic on the carpet! 

February 23, 2017 

We took an extra trip outside this afternoon, because we just couldn't resist the beautiful weather! Can Spring please hurry up?!

February 16, 2017 

BES Read Across America Celebration

February 20th - 24th

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, BES is promoting the LOVE of reading by having “theme days” during the week of February 20-24. Please help your child participate by dressing in themed clothing on the following days:

Monday (2/20)- “Make the World a Brighter Monday”: Be as colorful as you can. Wear a rainbow of colors, or your favorite color, for a “Hip-Hip-Hooray” for the love of books and reading!

Tuesday (2/21) - “Take Time to Dress up Tuesday”: Dress up as your favorite book character or book genre.

Wednesday (2/22) - “Wear Words on Wednesday”: Wear clothing that have positive, powerful words OR write or attach positive, powerful words to your clothing.

Thursday (2/23) - “Throw on your Comfy-Cozies Thursday”: Wear your comfiest attire to snuggle up with a great book. Consider bringing in your favorite book to share!

Friday (2/24) - “Flashlight Friday”: To promote our “Camp-Learn-A-Lot” Family Night on March 16th, dress like a camper (remember your Spirit Wear) and consider bringing in a flashlight to illuminate amazing books as you read through the day!

Thank you!

February 15, 2017 

100th Day of School & Friendship Day  

Who would have thought that friendship day and the 100th day of school would both fall on the same day?! Since we had so many fun activities planned for two days, we decided to celebrate friendship day on Valentine's Day and then the 100th day on the 101th day of school! Please take a peek at all of the fun learning that has taken place over the past two days! 

100th Day of School (celebrated on 2/15)

"When I am 100... This is what I will look like. I will eat lots of hot dogs. When I am at home in China I will spend time swimming in the lake." 
"When I am 100... This is what I will look like. I will eat lots of candy. I will sleep in a boat. I will sunbathe in the sun." 

Math Centers: 

1. What can your team build using 100 cups?

2. What can you do in 100 seconds? (Students were facing the Smartboard because the timer was projected.)

3. Ant Picnic- Uncovering numbers on an 100 chart that are hidden by ants. You can't collect an ant unless you take a guess at the number that the ants covering. If you are guessed correctly you can keep your ant! Whoever has the most ants at the end is the winner. 

4. Race to 100 

Friendship Day Activities Included (celebrated on 2/14) 
1. Each student was assigned a classmate and asked to write about why he/she is a good friend. The kiddos did an amazing job and really came up with some thoughtful reasons that were specific to an experience they had encountered with this classmate. Each student then gave their note to the classmate they wrote about during quiet time. HEARTWARMING! 

2. Decorating Valentine's Day Bags

3. Writing and then discovering our hidden passwords

1. Valentine Memory- Matching numerals to the corresponding ten frame 

2. Candy Heart Sort, Graph.... & Eat!
3. Roll, Add, & Cover 

4. Heart Number Sequencing 

Social Studies: 

At the end of the day we had our valentine exchange! Children circulated the room delivering their valentines! So much fun! 

February 13, 2017 


In conjunction with our study of bears, we will have our annual kindergarten teddy bear sleepover!

On Thursday, February 23rd we are asking all kindergartners to bring ONE teddy bear to school. If you don’t have a teddy bear at home, another stuffed animal will work!

Before our day is done, we will tuck our bears in for a sleepover at school! Who knows what will happen when you leave a bunch of bears by themselves?

Please make sure your child does not pick a bear that they cannot live without for one night!

February 4, 2017
Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 

Ask your Kinder:
  • About their Punxsutawney Phil prediction
  • To teach you about animals that hibernate and animals that migrate 
  • To retell you the story of Peanut Butter & Cupcake 
  • To share the topic of their latest writing piece
  • To talk to you about why we went in to secure campus 
The bear den has arrived and we have many "bears" hibernating during our read-to-self center! 

We have been using our reading strategies (eagle eye, stretchy the snake, and lips the fish) to help us decode an unknown word when reading a new book in our reading groups. Here are the reading buddies that we've met so far: 

We have been learning and practicing different ways to compose, decompose, and quantities 1-10. This is hard work! We've used many math tools to help us practice including counters, bears, popsicle sticks, beads, and more! 

Shape Clues: 

Building Numbers Using Tally Marks: 

Quack Attack - Shake & Spill:
How many counters are on ducky's face? 
How many are not ducky's face? 
_______ and ______ make  7

Bears in a Cave Partner Game:

Starting with 7 bears, one partner looks away while the other partner hides some bears inside the cave. Once some bears are hidden, the other partner turns around and has to try and figure out how many bears are hidden in the cave. 

Decomposing Machine: 
This machine is helping us find all of the different ways to make the number 9 including the turn around facts!

Domino Top-It (also know as War):

January 29, 2017

Tuesday, Feb. 14th: Friendship Day!
In place of Valentine's Day, we are celebrating the importance of Friendship. Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about friendship during our social studies time. The children are invited to make valentines for every student in our class. We will be having a valentine exchange!  

January 27, 2017 
Sneak Peek from Our Past Week

Ask your Kinder:
  • To teach you the Months of the Year Macarena 
  • Who is Lips the Fish
  • What book they read to their buddy 
  • About their Brown Bear Brown Bear graph (which character did you spin the most? least? any ties?) 
  • About Half-Way Day (You may have seen a handwriting practice sheet with only half of their name written on it) 
  • To tell you about one of our math manipulatives, Cuisenairre rods
  • About their 5 star story (When they finished their story they were able to add a cover to make their piece of writing look just like a Dr. Seuss book!)  
In Science, we are beginning our study on hibernation, migration, and adaptation. I'm sure you heard that the kiddos filled the marble jar and voted on popcorn and a movie, so we watched The First Snow of Winter. A film about how Winter is approaching and the ducks are starting their migration south. Youngest duck Sean, starts chasing some seagulls and in turn damages his wing causing him to be separated from the rest of his family. A water vole named Voley is preparing for his Winter hibernation, but stops to help Sean creating an everlasting friendship. Here is the link to view the short film incase you're interested in viewing with siblings:

The First Snow of Winter

In Reading, we have been practicing how to retell all the parts of a story by studying author Jan Brett. We have learned that there is more than one way to retell a story. We can use music, puppets, acting, drawing, and more to recreate the story! Thank you Mrs. Orsmond for coming in and teaching us how to use music to retell the story of The Three Snow Bears. We loved listening and trying your cello! 

Retelling The Mitten & The Hat acting and using character masks!

January 18, 2017 

100 Day Project!!!

Dear Families,

How can it be? Our 100th day of kindergarten is scheduled for February 8th (unless we have any snow days).

One of the things we do to celebrate this exciting day is have children make a 100 day project (with you at home) to bring to school.

Please help your child count out 100 objects and display them in whatever way you like.

Note that we will display our projects on the walls in the hallway. Please choose a collection of items that aren’t valuable (monetarily or personally).

100 day projects are due by February 1st!

Have fun!

Your Kindergarten Teachers

January 9, 2017
Happy New Year!

"My goal in 2017 is I want to ride my bike by myself without training wheels and my dad."
"My goal in 2017 is to help everyone!" 

January 5, 2017
Fun with ST Math

Dear Families,

You may be hearing your child talk about the “Jiji game” and/or “ST on the iPads”. This is fabulous! Your child is excited about an educational program, called ST Math. Here are some questions and answers to help further your understanding and facilitate conversations with your child on ST Math:

What is ST Math?

ST Math®: K-5 grade-leveled instructional software is designed to help all students reach math proficiency through self-paced, language-independent, mastery-based objectives. It is closely aligned to state and Common Core standards and integrates with core instruction. The ST Math software games use interactive, graphically-rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.Through a 1:1 learning environment, the games gradually increase in difficulty and provide immediate feedback.

What are the mathematical topics covered in Kindergarten?

  • Counting and Numbers

  • Understanding Addition and Subtraction

  • Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To

  • Foundations of Place Value

  • Shapes and Position

  • Sorting and Classifying

Who is JiJi?

JiJi Mascot

JiJi is the beloved penguin in the ST Math software games. Children help JiJi get past obstacles by solving math puzzles – and they associate JiJi with challenge, learning and the thrill of success. Every time a child demonstrates understanding of a math concept, JiJi crosses the screen, signaling success and leading the student to the next more challenging puzzle.

ST math includes an optional home component, however as this program is new to all of us, Kindergartners will not have access at this time. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask your classroom teacher!

Thank you,

The Kindergarten Team

January 3, 2017 

Mrs. Brewster, our school librarian shared one of Jan Brett's how-to-draw videos with the children today during library time. The children practiced how to draw the gingerbread baby using whiteboards while following author Jan Brett's instructions. Jan Brett has many drawing lessons on her website, How-To-Draw. Please feel free to use her website for some fun extra drawing practice at home! 

Thank you to all of my surprise guest readers who volunteered to come in and read a version of the gingerbread man to our team! The children and I really enjoyed having you in! 

December 21, 2016

While we were away the gingerbread man will play... this morning when we were signing in for lunch and snack milk we found another note!!! (Diane really is the best!)
This week we learned our last two lowercase letters, qu & z! Our passwords were: this & not. 

Math & Science: 
Last Friday, Mrs. Ruest (our REACH coordinator) posed a challenge. She wanted to know if we could create a device that would allow the gingerbread man to travel across the river using only these materials: a twisty tie, two popsicle sticks, a elastic band, bubble wrap, and a piece of aluminum foil! Teams of 2 worked together to create a device that would allow the cookie to safely cross the river. Inspired by her challenge, today we tried to build another tool that engineers use in order for cars to travel over bodies of water... a bridge! We used mini marshmallows and toothpicks to create our bridges.

Take a Peek at our STEM Challenges from the Past Week 
Both activities fostered team work, problem solving, patience, perseverance and excitement!

We really know how to have fun while learning in Kindergarten!

December 20, 2016 

That sneaky gingerbread man stopped by while we were at recess/lunch and left us a note on our calendar! 
December 19, 2016 

What a special way to start our holiday week! (Thank you Mrs. St. Germain for writing this wonderful surprise note!)

December 16, 2016

I happened to catch some pretty awesome gingerbread boys and girls in the hallway outside of room 211... I'm hoping they can lead me to the gingerbread man! :) 

December 14, 2016 

Gingerbread Celebration Reminder, Friday Dec. 23

We wanted to update you on the schedule of events for our Surprise Gingerbread Celebration. Just a reminder families are welcomes!

Please plan on arriving at 10:00 am to sign in at the main office.  Upon signing in, please go directly to your child’s classroom. During this time we will be on a gingerbread hunt around the school. (Please do not plan to arrive earlier as you may end up running into us on our surprise gingerbread hunt in the hall.) Our final surprise will be friends and family waiting in our classroom with gingerbread cookies! Thank you for keeping our secret!

Children will be invited to decorate their gingerbread cookie. They will then be given the supplies to decorate a special gingerbread house bag for their cookie to travel home in. Snacks and drinks provided by all of you will be available during this time so there will be no need to pack a snack.

The celebration will be over at 11:00 after which students will be heading out for recess and lunch. Dismissal is at 12:15 and students will follow their regular after school routines unless you have made prior arrangements with the office staff.

Thank you all!

December 10, 2016
Sneak Peek from Our Past Week

Ask your Kinder:
  • About the best part of their week 
  • To share with you a word that begins with v and word that begins with w (letters from the week)
  • To tell you about the story, The Little Old Lady who Swallowed a Bell 
  • About our number study this week (8) 
  • To tell or show you a pattern 
  • About our gingerbread math story... how many gingerbread cookies did they bake?
  • To explain to you what a 5 star illustration is 
  • To share how they filled someone's bucket this week  

Friday Math Centers: 

1. Candy Land - This game required patience, problem solving, and teamwork as there were many challenges to overcome. For example, who should go first and or what do we do if someone is "cheating"? Overall we had fun! 

2. Peppermint Candy Patterns - Did you know a peppermint candy is divided into 8 parts and each part is in the shape of a triangle? 

3. Roll a Gingerbread- We continue to practice identifying and writing our numbers!

4. Top Secret Project 

December 6, 2016

Upcoming Dates & Reminders: 
Friday, December 5 - PTO Polar Express Movie Night at 5pm in the Gym & Caf. 
                               Book Order Due 
Friday, December 23 - SURPRISE Gingerbread Celebration from 10-11am
                                 Early Release @ 12:15pm 
December 26- January 2 - Holiday Break 

December 5, 2016

Ask your Kinder:
  • To tell you about the story they are writing (ask the "w" questions: who? where? what? to help the kiddos add details to their stories).  
  • To tell you the story of the Hungry Caterpillar 
  • To use their bunny ears and show you a way to make 7
  • To help you stretch out the sounds in a three letter word (ex: cat, dog, wig, pig, etc.)
  • About the roll a gingerbread math activity (rolled a dice and used a key to help us build our gingerbread person)
  • About ST Math 
  • To share the best part of their week! 
Our classroom is transforming into a gingerbread house to lure the gingerbread man! Please take a peek at some projects we have in the works! 

November 28, 2016 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here are a couple of pictures from last Tuesday! I am thankful for my 19 loving, kind, and vivacious kiddos!

November 18, 2016

In honor of learning lowercase letters p & j this week, we thought it was only fair to celebrate by wearing our PJ's on Friday! :) 

"We love our classroom teacher assistant Mrs. St. Germain!"

November 15, 2016 
Happy 50th Day of School! 
We sure know how to celebrate in style... 

Ask your Kinder:
    • To teach you how to do the hand jive
    • To explain to you what a record is and how they created their very own record using their fingerprints
    • To read you their mini book titled, "Sock Hop" (kiddos may need a little help)
    • To tell you about our 50's dance party 
    • To share with you what your child wishes he/she had 50 of (Ms. Russell's wish was shoes)
    • To tell you about the best part of their day!

    November 10, 2016
    Sneak Peek from Our Past Week

    Ask your Kinder:
    • To tell you about the story we read, Duck for President
    • To share with you who won our classroom election, duck or president?
    • To explain to you what a ballot is 
    • To tell you one reason why Team 211 rocks
    • About Veterans Day and to share their thank you letter with a veteran 
    • About the rhyming basket 
    This week was a review week with letters and passwords. We continued to use our eagle eye to help us zoom in on the pictures of books and we even met a new reading buddy... stretchy the snake! Stretchy the snake helps us to stretch out sounds when we come to an unknown word in our book. 

    Here's a peek at some of our reading centers from the week: 
    Meet The Teach:
    We started to practice stretching out the sounds we hear in words by pushing a chip up into stretchy's stomach for each sound that we heard. We worked hard to stretch out the following words: cat, bug, rat, lip, dog, cut (there are three sounds in each word represented by three chips). 

    Rhyming games are a fun warm up when we visit our Meet the Teach center. We have to try and figure out which little picture rhymes with the big picture and then use the clothespin to clip the match. For example, which picture rhymes with "hat"? Hat-bat, hat-glue, hat-rug? Students would place the clothespin on the picture of a bat. 

    Work on Writing:
    We love practicing lowercase letter formations on our Fundations whiteboards. We always circle the letter that we think we did our personal best on before we erase our boards. 

    We enjoy reading to self and using our special stamped sticky notes to mark all of the passwords that we find!

    Word Work:
    We practiced spelling our passwords using connecting cubes. This was lots of fun!

    We reviewed numbers 1-5 this week. On Friday we played fun partner math games, Top-It (also known as War) and Race to Trace!

    Science & Social Studies: 
    Mrs. Ruest, our REACH coordinator, visited our classroom to read a ladybug book titled, Water is Water. Mrs. Ruest then asked us to predict whether or not we thought ice was water. We tested our predictions by holding a piece of ice in our hands. We quickly realized how the temperature of our hands made the ice melt... so ice is water after all! To further continue our water explorations, we tested whether or not playdough would sink or float in a bowl filled with water. After forming and testing many different shapes that sank, Mrs. Ruest showed us one shape that would float... a boat like shape! 

    November 9, 2016

    Parent Safety Education & Bullying Prevention Night 
    When: Wednesday, November 16th 
    Time: 6:30PM to 8:00PM 
    Where: BES Cafeteria 
    • Sgt. Lougee will open the night discussing the various safety procedures practiced with our staff and students each year. 
    • You will have an opportunity to not only hear about the procedures, but you will be able to participate in a live demonstration as well. 
    • Mr. Gergler will close the night with a discussion about the Bullying Prevention Practices at BES. 

    This is a great opportunity for the school to home connection giving families the knowledge to effectively answer their child’s questions on these topics. We hope to see you there! Keeping BES safe is our top priority!

    November 8, 2016
    Thank you everyone for joining me during parent-teacher conferences! I really enjoyed sharing all of the wonderful learning that your child is doing! Thank you for continuing to be so supportive! 

    Here's a Peek From Last Week 
    (I was busy preparing for conferences so that's why I'm a few days late!)

    We met with our book buddies on Friday! Our buddies helped us read books from our book bags and asked us important questions about the characters and settings in each story. We loved spending time learning from our big buddies! 

    This week we practiced letters e and r. We made rainbow R's, elephants using E's, and conducted an egg experiment!

    Our egg experiment gave us another opportunity to be scientists! During this experiment our jobs as scientists included: observing, predicting, recording observations, labeling the parts of their experiment, and asking questions about our findings when we placed an egg in vinegar. We tracked our observations over the course of three days. 

    During reading centers we focused on rhyming, clapping how many beats (syllables) are in a word, reading-to-self, and practicing our passwords. 
    Clapping the beats in the word fair-y (2 claps)

    Ms. Russell hid password apples all around the room and our job was to find each apple and record the password. 

    Writing: Our Heart Club Writers worked really hard on perfecting one piece of writing ready to share with families. Each writer used their own checklist to help make their writing their very best. We hope you enjoyed reading our stories at conferences!  

    Math: Our number study this week focused on the number 5. We read Pete the Cat: 5 Little Pumpkins and 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on The Bed. We even got to create our own 5 Little Monkeys booklet to practice counting out the monkeys! 

    November 1, 2016
    Friendly Reminders from Team 211
    • 11/6 - Daylight Savings time 
    • 11/7 - Early Release at 12:15pm, parent teacher conferences in the afternoon
    • 11/8 - No School, Voting Day, parent teacher conferences 
    • 11/11 - No School, Veteran's Day
    • 11/23 - No School, Teacher Workshop Day
    • 11/24 & 11/25- No School, Thanksgiving Break 
    October 31, 2016
    Happy Halloween!
    Our amazing classroom assistant, Mrs. St. Germain taught the children how to make pumpkin playdough. We challenged the children to take the playdough home and practice this week's passwords, here and are. What a fun way to help strengthen our hand muscles while learning our new passwords! 

    October 29, 2016 
    Sneak Peek from Our Past Week

    Ask your Kinder:
    • About their favorite part from this past week! 
    Our passwords this week were come and see. Students whispered them as they entered the classroom, found them in our morning message, used them in their writing, and spelled them by chanting each letter. Our letters this week were s and d. We made dotted dinosaur d's and slithering snake s's. Ms. Sue one of BES's maintenance workers was kind enough to let me borrow her pet, Kenyan Sand Boa, named Sid. This was such a fun surprise to share with the kiddos when I introduced the letter s. At the end of the week, we made slime as a whole class because that too starts with the letter s. Each student was then able to practice forming their lowercase letters with the slime. Take a peek! 
    Meet Sid the Snake

    "S is for slime and Sofia!"

    "Hey Ms. Russell can we make other letters too?"

    Math: This week we learned all about the number four! We researched the four different seasons and drew pictures of some of our favorite activities in each season. We sorted four versus not four and practiced our number writing 1-4. We also read, Pete The Cat My Four Groovy Buttons and made our own Pete's counting out four buttons! 

    Science/S.S.: I think the children would agree, when I say that my favorite part of this past week was our pumpkin investigation! Prior to our investigation, we studied the life cycle of a pumpkin, read It's Pumpkin Time, and made life cycle crowns so we were ready to be pumpkin scientists. We learned, a scientist's job is to make observations and predictions. As scientists, we wanted to be as accurate as possible when studying our pumpkins. We measured the height carefully with unifix cubes, drew a detailed sketch including the stem and lines, predicted and then tested whether it would sink or float, and even tried to count the seeds! Boy, being scientists sure was hard work! 

    October 21, 2016 

    Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 

    We've been busy here in room 211! Please checkout what we've been up to for the past two weeks! 

    Ask your Kinder:
    • What book buddies is and if they remember their book buddy's name
    • To find the passwords from the week (am & for) in a book of their choice
    • To retell you the book, The True Story of the Three Little Bigs (from the wolf's perspective) and tell you about the house they designed and built with their table team
    • Why Ms. Russell had her hair dryer at school
    • What number we studied this week 
    • About the star inside the little red house with no windows or doors (an apple)
    • To explain about the monster they made using (used only 3 feathers, 3 eyes, 3 teeth)
    • To share with you the best part of their week!
    This week we practiced lowercase letters and sounds: a and g. Students made "apple print A's" with green and red paint to practice making patterns. First we formed out pattern using red and green unifix cubes then we got to painting! For practicing the letter g, students created their very own gum ball machines. We had lots of fun learning our letters!

    We started book buddies this past week! We are book buddies with Ms. Whitmore's third grade class. Book Buddies will take place every other Friday for a half an hour during our reading block. It is a fun opportunity for each of my Kinders to build a friendship with an older positive role model. Yesterday (Friday), our big buddies interviewed us to learn more about our interests so they can choose books that we will enjoy! 

    I have a picture of all of the buddy pairs except for Michael & Logan. I know I took a picture of them together, but it must have gotten deleted from my phone. I promise I will get a picture of them next time! 

    Each week in math we have been focusing on learning one number to help build our number sense. This week we learned all about the number 3. We made shape monsters using 3 feathers, 3 eyes, 3 strings, 1 triangle (it has 3 sides & vertices) and or 3 pipe cleaners. We also read two different versions of The Three Little Pigs. On Friday, each table team was given a STEM challenge. This challenge was to create a house that would keep the wolf's huffs and puffs out using these three materials: milk straws (straw), popsicle sticks (sticks), and legos (bricks). Each table team had to sketch their plan on how they were going to design their house. After each house was built, we tested them to see if they were sturdy enough to withstand the wolf (aka the hair dryer)! I am so proud of how well the children worked together in their small groups. Please check out our fun Friday culminating project. 

    Pink Table Team: 

    Orange Table Team: 

    Teal Table Team:

    Purple Table Team:

    Big Bad Wolf:

    Science & Social Studies: 
    We have been studying and observing the change of season over the past couple of weeks. At the end of last week we did a three day project. On the first day we went on a nature walk and collected signs of Fall (acorns, sticks, colorful leaves, pine cones, and pine needles) with a partner. The second day we sorted our items into different groups. We decided to sort the leaves by color and then group the other materials. On the third day we read, Louis Elhert's The Leaf Man, and created our own leaf man wonders! This was tons of fun!

    October 20, 2016

    We would love to invite more adults in to share about their job as a community helper! Please let me know if you are interested in visiting our classroom! We would love to have you!
    October 19, 2016
    Thank you Trooper Dan!

    Thank you Trooper Dan for coming in and visiting our classroom! We enjoyed learning all about the different jobs of a state trooper and exploring your police car. We learned the difference between police officers and state troopers. Police officers work in one town whereas state troopers work in many towns across NH. Both police officers and state troopers have many jobs in the community they...
    • protect us from bad people 
    • patrol the roads and or highways (we loved testing out speedometer on the lawnmower that was mowing the school's front lawn.. it went 8mph) 
    • work with firemen to help in emergency situations
    • use tools such as walkie talkies, computers, sirens, and lights to communicate with other troopers and or community members (we loved seeing the blue lights and hearing the police car sirens) 
    Most importantly, we learned that a state trooper's main job is to keep us safe! We are very lucky to have you as a community helper! Thank you, Trooper Dan! 

    Trooper Dan is also Michael's father!

    Trooper Dan is answering our many questions!

    We each had a turn using Trooper Dan's speedometer! 

    Exploring Trooper Dan's car!

    We noticed the emergency lights are not on the top of the vehicle, instead the blue lights are located on the inside of the back windshield, back windows, and side mirrors mirrors.

    October 13, 2016
    Happy Pajama Day! 
    Say "PJ Day!"

    October 12, 2016
    Our Community Helpers, the Bow Fire Department, visit Kindergarten!  

    In event of this week being Fire Prevention Week, we asked the Bow Fire Department to come talk to our Kinders! The students learned all about the many jobs of a firefighter and were able to tour a firetruck and an ambulance! The firefighters also discussed:
    • What constitutes an emergency 
    • What number to call in case of an emergency
    • What to do if you hear a firefighter calling for you when you are stuck inside of a building (ie. make noise so the firefighter can locate you)
    • What to do if you catch on fire (Stop, Drop, & Roll)!
    • How their suit helps to protect them (ie. oxygen tank, breathing mask)
    • To create an outside meeting spot so in case there is an emergency and the family needs to evacuate, everyone knows where go outside (ie. big rock in the front yard) 
    Here's a few snapshots from our visit!

    1. Fireman Tom & Fireman Brandon showed us what they look like with their fire gear on. At first, we were a little fearful of fireman Brandon as he dressed in his gear, but once we heard his voice, through the mask, we knew it was still him. Fireman Tom, told us that sometimes firemen feel like Darth Vader when they are dressed in their protective suits. We learned the reason why fireman Brandon has to wear a mask is so he can breathe when he is putting out a fire. The tank strapped on his back sends oxygen up through a tube and into his mask. 

    2. After, we headed to out learn more about the tools a fireman uses to put out a fire. We also explored where this equipment is located on the firetruck. We saw water hoses, fire extinguishers, axes, spare oxygen tanks, and ladders. Fireman Brandon, even let us ring the bell and view the emergency lights. 

    3. After seeing the firetruck, Fireman Tom explained the different parts of an ambulance. We were so excited because we even got to climb up the back of the ambulance and sit inside. 

    October 11, 2016
    • Pajama Day Thursday (10/13)
    • Colorful Day Friday (10/14)

    October 6, 2016 
    Happy Long Weekend Everyone! 

    Reminders & Upcoming Events: 
    • Library books & password rings in on Tuesday (10/11)
    • Visit from one of our community helpers in town, Bow Fire Department Wednesday (10/12)
    • Book Order Due Friday (10/14)
    • Pajama Day on Friday (10/14) - kiddos filled the marble jar and voted on this special treat
    • Place your order for PTO coupon booklets
    Ask your Kinder:
    • about bus evacuation
    • is a dog riding a bike an example of fiction or nonfiction
    • what month their birthday is in
    • to find ONE of their favorite stuffed animals and show you (we studied the number one this week in math)
    • about Cookie's Week (we practiced retelling a story using our Cookie Puppet)
    • to teach you the sounds letters U & I make and to show you how to write them using their whiteboards (start at the plane line). 
    • to show you how we use our arms to spell out our passwords 
    • what we did with 1 inch square tiles (Inch by Inch, we went on a hunt around our classroom to search for 1 inch objects using our square tiles as a measurement tool). 
    • What their favorite part of their week was! :)  
    We kicked off our community helpers unit of study, by sharing what we want to be when we grow up. Take a peek below! 

    September 30, 2016
    Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 

    Ask your Kinder:
    • about when he/she was a scientist and did an experiment with an apple
    • who Talking Tuck is
    • to show you the months of the year Macarena 
    • to draw a triangle and count the number of vertices 
    • to explain to you the difference between a square and a rectangle 
    • to tell you about the friendship bench at recess
    • to find their passwords in one of their favorite books
    • to make a pattern 
    • to tell you about our Heart Writing Club
    • what the story stool is 
    Passwords: look, on 
    Letters: m, n (plane line letters... to find more on letter formation please refer to our page titled, Fundations with Echo on the left sidebar.)

    This week we did center rotations! The children love working in small groups and rotating through different reading activities. Here are some of the centers from our week: 
    • tracing their passwords in sand trays
    • creating newspaper N's
    • creating a mouse for the letter M
    • buddy reading - With a partner, students are reading the pictures to tell the story, finding passwords in the texts, and making connections 
    • read-to-self
    • drawing a person practice
    • meet the teach- practicing letter formation, letter sounds, and learning how to take a picture walk through a book

    We are writers! This week we learned what an author's job is by exploring many different books. We decided that this year we are all going to be authors and write our own books!! In order to get started, we created our own super special writing club. After voting on many different choices generated by the children, Heart Writing Club won the vote. This week we learned how determining the shapes of an object can help us draw it. The kiddos were asked to write a story about something they knew how to do. On Friday, each student shared the start of their story on our story stool! Some story topics included: dance class, being a scientist who creates robots, ninjas, playing at recess, playing with my little ponies, and so much more! After a student shared his/her story he/she asked if anyone had any t comments or questions. We end by giving the author two claps to celebrate his/her hard work! I was so proud of the kiddos... not only was every single student eager to share their work, but each student also showed respect and kindness to their peers as a member of the audience. 

    Our shape exploration continues...!

    We found hidden shapes when we started painting with watercolors (it's amazing the magic that white cray-pas can do) :)! 

    We read, The Shapes We Eat and built our very own onions, peppers, pepperoni, and cheese pizzas. Each ingredient was a different shape, so when we were done cooking we had to count how many square onions, triangle peppers, circle pepperonis, and rectangle cheese slices we had on our pizza. This made us hungry!

    We read, The Perfect Square and created our very own masterpieces. We started with one perfect square and turned had the job of turning it into something unique using all of the pieces! 

    We loved building shapes on our playdough mats! Hands-on learning is the best!

    To help build our fine motor skills, we even practiced forming our shapes out of stickers! This finger pinching business was hard work! 

    We explored using bears, square tiles, unifix cubes, and links to build different patterns. 

    Science/Social Studies:  
    We are scientists! I asked the children to make a prediction on whether or not they thought an apple would sink or float in water. After each student, placed a tally mark under either "float" or "sink" we tested out our predictions. To much surprise, we observed how an apple floats in water and does not sink. We thought it was strange, because an apple is fairly heavy. Curiously, we decided to test out a die as it is much smaller than an apple so it should definitely float too. We found that the die sank to the bottom of the bucket while the apple floated!! I asked the students what they thought and we discussed how an apple is filled with air pockets and air helps you float. One student then asked if we could try placing the die in a Ziploc baggy to see if that would keep it from sinking. As I quickly pulled the straw out of my mug, grabbed a baggy, and started blowing up the baggy... we found that the die floated!!! The die just needed a little air to float. This was fascinating! 

    September 28, 2016
    We enjoyed some Fall weather this afternoon at recess!

    September 27, 2016

    Today we had our third visit to the library with Mrs. Brewster. We learned how books are just like people... books have birthdays, spines, names, and so much more! We love browsing for books and taking one home to share with our families!

    September 25, 2016 
    Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 

    Ask your Kinder:
    • to skywrite letters: t,b,f 
    • to tell you about our personal best board
    • to teach you how to read the pictures 
    • to be a detective and find shapes hidden in their snacks/meals 
    • to find a sign of Fall 
    • to tell you how they feel in the green zone (zones of regulation) 
    • what to do if you need someone to play with on the playground
    • ask you child the day of the week and the ask what tomorrow will be
    • who the leader of the day is and what their jobs are 

    To help support and grow our understanding of each letter we will construct a letter project. This week we focused on letters b & f and reviewed t. All three lowercase letters are skyline letters (start at the skyline). 

    B is for bunnies! 
    F is for feathers!

    Buddy Reading and Read-to-Self Practice... I think we really enjoy buddy reading! 


    • Calendar Concepts - Each day we start our math block with calendar routines. The children are learning the days of the week, months of the year, counting the days of school, and graphing the day's weather. 
    • Pattern Block Barrier Game - We practiced using positional language (above, below, in the middle) when describing the attributes of different shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) by playing a partner game (similar setup to battleship).
    • Shape Hunt - Students were detectives and went on a scavenger hunt throughout our classroom drawing sketches of any real life objects that were shapes (the seat of a desk chair is a square). We learned how shapes are all around us! 

    Choice Time: 
    We are busy making friends, playing, and learning how to share! 

    Snack Time: 

    September 19, 2016

    Passwords this week: I & the 
    Please help your child practice these two words (password rings are in red folders)! Password rings can stay at home and be returned each Monday for two new words or kept in your child's red folder. Thank you thank you!

    September 17, 2016
    Pictures from Our Past Week

    Hi Families! The children have been working very hard on learning how to read the pictures, exploring the different attributes of shapes, and practicing our classroom routines and procedures. Team 211, is working hard to continue to create a positive classroom community where everyone feels safe, respected, and heard. Here is a sneak peek into our past week! 

    Reading: Echo flew around has we made tissue paper T's!

    Math: We did center rotations!
    1. Watercolor Painting - a mystery shape appeared while painting... it was a circle!
    2. Building shapes on the Geoboards
    3. Cutting practice - cutting out squares 
    4. Dobber Exploration - discovering how to use our dot dobbers... we even realized that the dobbers make circles!

    September 7, 2016
    Sneak Peek from Our First Week 

    Ask your Kinder:
    • what to do during a fire drill
    • to show you the 3 ways they can choose to sit on their learning spots (carpet)
    • how to use a glue stick
    • to teach you how to pick up a pencil using baby shark (pointer and thumb fingers form "baby shark")
    • to sing the days of the week song (to the tune of Adams Family)
    • to tell you how we celebrate each student's birthday
    • to show you how to safely use scissors
    • to share with you their favorite part of the day
    Team 211 had a great first week of school! We worked hard on filling each others' buckets, staying in our own bubble space, and learning how to work as a team. I am very proud of my Kinders and how hard they working at learning our classroom routines and procedures. Please take a sneak peek below to check out some of the fun we've had in Kindergarten this past week! 

    Math Manipulative Exploration 
    Bears, Pattern Blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, Oh My!!!

    Choice Time (I think the kiddos would agree that this is one of their favorite times of the day... time to explore our classroom and play together!)

    "We are cooking!"

    Building cars, jets, air crafts, and so much more with our legos!

    Playing together with the princess castle legos!

    The trains are leaving the station!

    September 1, 2016

    Friendly Reminders from Team 211 
    • Please make sure your child...
      • Wears his/her bus tag to school everyday 
      • Brings his/her red folder to school each day (I will send home class work, newsletters, and or reminders in this folder).
      • Sends an extra set of labeled clothing in case of an emergency
      • Has lunch money sent in if he/she is purchasing snack milk/ school lunch. If you have not set up a lunch account, than please feel free to send an envelope in with your child's name on it. 
    • 9/6 - Our first library class will be Tuesday morning 
    • 9/9 - Scholastic Book Order Due
    • 9/19 - Picture Day 

    August 31, 2016 

    Second Day of Kindergarten Pictures 
    (We had a really busy first day of K so we had to postpone pictures a day!) 

    August 30, 2016 

    Welcome to Kindergarten! This is our classroom website! I am excited to share Team 211's latest news and decided this website would be a great resource for both parents and students to utilize. I want to create as many opportunities as possible to help our students grow as learners. On this site you will find our class newsletters, sight words of the week, class/school calendar of events, and links to helpful educational websites.

    August 28, 2016

    I can't wait to meet all of my incoming kiddos and families on Monday, August 29th at Open House from 4-5:30pm!