Welcome to Ms. Russell's Kinder'garden'!

November 14, 2017

Happy 50th Day of School! 
We sure know how to celebrate in style... 

We love our "Bootsy" (Mrs. St. Germain)!

Ask your Kinder:
    • To teach you how to do the hand jive
    • To explain what records and jukeboxes are
    • Who was Bootsy and where was Mrs. St. Germain? 
    • To tell you about their mini book titled, "Sock Hop" (currently in their book bags at school)
    • To tell you about the partner math game, Race to 50
    • To share with you what your child wishes he/she had 50 of (Ms. Russell's wish was shoes)
    • To tell you about the best part of their day!
    Snow Arrival!

    Hi Families! 

    As the cold weather (snow) arrives, the kiddos will need to bring and wear their snow clothes out to recess in order to access all parts of the playground. The kindergarten team has made the following decisions:
    • Boots & Snow Clothes (pants, coat, mittens, hat) - Full access to all playground areas (field, structure, and pavement)
    • Boots but no snow pants - Partial access to pavement & structure (no field)
    • Sneakers -  Pavement only 
    We want to keep our children warm, dry and healthy through the cold winter season! Any additional practice with dressing in snow gear at home is encouraged! Please please please let the kiddos get dressed independently when going outside to play in the snow at home... it will build their self- confidence, motor skills, and dexterity. 

    Thank you so much for all of your support,

    November 13, 2017 

    Sneak Peek From Our Past Week
    Ask your Kinder:
      • To tell you about the rainbow experiment and explain birds eye view 
      • To skywrite letters e & r
      • To share with you the who and the where in a story of their choice
      • To show you how to tap out the word nap using finger tappers 
      • To try and remember their password to log on to ST math at home 
      • To use their bunny ears and show you a way to make 10 

      We reviewed letters e & r this week since it was a short week!

      We used food coloring to create rainbows. We added drops of yellow, blue, and red to each edge of a shallow bowl of milk. Students recorded their birds eye view observations. We then added a squirt of hand soap to the bowl. We watched as the primary colors transformed into secondary colors creating a rainbow.  

      R write the room - We searched around the room to find hidden pictures and words that all started with the letter r! 

      One of our reading centers was listening and reading books on the iPads... we love technology! 

      At Meet The Teach reading center, students practiced writing lowercase letters e and r and book handling skills. We searched for passwords and used our eagle eye to figure out unknown words.  


      Forming numbers with our slime! 

      Social Studies: 

      Thank you Dr. Cramer for visiting and teaching the entire Kindergarten! We loved examining the X-rays, testing out the blood pressure cuffs, learning about shots, and checking our reflexes. We learned that a pediatrician has many important jobs and tools to help children better and stay healthy!  We are lucky to have you as one of our community helpers!

      November 7, 2017 
      Updates & Reminders:
      • Parent Teacher Conferences 
      • Thursday 11/9

        Friday  11/10

        1:00 Madelyn


        1:30  Lilly

        8:00 Logan

        2:00 Avery



        9:00 Meldin


        9:30 Morgan

        3:30 Sadie

        10:00 Johnny

        4:00 Josh

        10:30 Natalie

        4:30 Victor


        5:00 Kai


        5:30 Brody


        6:00 Alexandra

        12:30 Owen

        6:30 Ellie


        7:00 Hayley



        2:30 James

      • Monday, 11/13- All lost & found items will be donated, so please collect them soon!
      • Tuesday, 11/ 14 - 50's Day - Let's celebrate the 50th day of school by wearing styles from the 1950's!
      • Friday, 11/17 - PJ Day - Kiddos are invited to wear their PJ's to school in celebration of our letter study (P & J) that week 
      • Wednesday- Friday 11/22-11/24- Thanksgiving Recess
      Thank you for your continued support!

      November 5, 2017
      Sneak Peek From Our Past Week

      Ask your Kinder:
      • about our egg experiment
      • to retell you the "who" and "where" from a story of their choice
      • to share their pumpkin science discoveries 
      • to tell you about some challenges and obstacles that JiJi had to overcome (ST math)
      • to teach you how to clap the beats/syllables in different words 

      Our Pumpkin Investigation Continued... 
      We investigated:
      • whether a pumpkin sinks or floats when submerged in water (our classroom sink) 
      • how many lines are on the outside of our pumpkins
      • the amount of seeds inside our pumpkin (way too many to count, but we tried!) 

      Egg Experiment

      We try to do as many experiments as possible to help us practice our letters and sounds. Can you guess which letter we studied this past week? 

      What will happen when an egg is placed in a cup of vinegar? As scientists, we observed, recorded, and tracked the results over the course of three days. 

      November 1, 2017 

      Important Updates:
      • 11/7 - Picture Retake Day
      • 11/13 - All unclaimed clothes/missing items in the lost and found will be donated 

      October 31, 2017 

      Thank you Bow Fire & Police Departments! 

      We learned a whole bunch from our community helpers, the Bow Fire and Police Departments when we visited the new Safety Complex today! The students learned all about the many jobs of both firefighters and police officers and also toured the vehicles and spaces that both helpers use to do their jobs! 

      Our firefighters educated us on:
      • What constitutes an emergency 
      • What number to call in case of an emergency
      • What to do if you hear a firefighter calling for you when you are stuck inside of a building (ie. make noise so the firefighter can locate you)
      • What to do if you catch on fire (Stop, Drop, & Roll)!
      • How their suit helps to protect them (ie. oxygen tank, breathing mask)
      • To create an outside meeting spot so in case there is an emergency and the family needs to evacuate, everyone knows where go outside (ie. big rock in the front yard) 
      Here's a few snapshots from our visit with the fire department: 

      1. Fireman Tom & Fireman Brandon showed us what they look like with their fire gear on. At first, we were a little fearful of fireman Tom as he dressed in his gear, but once we heard his voice, through the mask, we knew it was still him. Fireman Tom, told us that sometimes firemen feel like Darth Vader when they are dressed in their protective suits. We learned the reason why fireman Tom has to wear a mask is so he can breathe when he is putting out a fire. The tank strapped on his back sends oxygen up through a tube and into his mask. He also showed us how he would safely come to get you in the case of an emergency. 

      2. After, we headed to out learn more about the tools a fireman uses to put out a fire. We also explored where this equipment is located on the firetruck. We saw water hoses, fire extinguishers, axes, spare oxygen tanks, and ladders. Fireman Brandon, even let us ring the bell, view the emergency lights, and hear the sirens. We had fun sitting in the ambulance and fire truck!

      Our police officers educated us on: 
      • the different jobs and duties of a police officer (protecting us from bad people and keeping us safe)
      • patrol the roads and monitor speed limits
      • work with firemen to help in emergency situations
      • use tools such as walkie talkies, computers, sirens, and lights to communicate emergency situations 
      Here's a few snapshots from our visit with the police department: 

      1. We learned all about the different holding cells that the police station has. Bad guys get transferred to larger jails, so they are typically only here for a couple of hours. We thought it was pretty fun to explore each cell!

      2. Next, we explored the police car. Officer Carpenter even talked to us through his intercom system! We noticed that his vehicle's siren wasn't as loud as the fire trucks, but it still signaled other vehicles on the road to move to the side when there's an emergency! 

      October 30, 3017 

      Updates & Reminders:
      • 10/31- Safety Complex Field Trip 12-1:30pm
      • 10/31 - We are studying letters e & r this week, so we invite the children to dress up in exciting rainbow colors tomorrow!
      • 11/1 - Library is moved to Wednesday this week (we will be on our field trip during our normal library time) 
      • 11/9-11/10- Parent Teacher Conference Days (half day Thursday & no school Friday for students) 
      • 11/22-11/24 - Thanksgiving Recess 

      Sneak Peek From Our Past Week
      Ask your Kinder:
      • to show you how to skywrite lowercase letters, d & s
      • to sort their toys into three groups (we've been working on sorting): 
        • 1. toys that begin with /d/ (doll, dog) 
        • 2. toys that begin with /s/ (snake, stuffed animal)
        • 3. toys that don't belong in either group 
      • to search through magazines for numbers 1-10 and create a collage 
      • to look at a calendar and help you answer the following questions about the days of the week: Today is? Yesterday was? Tomorrow will be? What is today's date?
      • to share about the penguin named Jiji that we met on Friday (a character from ST math on the iPads)
      • to tell you their favorite part from our week! 
      Our passwords this week were come and see. Students whispered them as they entered the classroom, found them in our morning message, used them in their writing, and spelled them by chanting each letter. Our letters this week were s and d. We made dotted dinosaur d's and slithering snake s's. At the end of the week, we made slime as a whole class because slime starts with the letter s. Each student was then able to practice forming their lowercase letters with the slime. Take a peek! 

      Math & Science Integration:

      We have been studying and observing the change of season over the past couple of weeks. At the end of last week we did a two day project. On the first day we went on a nature walk and collected signs of Fall (10 colorful leaves). We then sorted and graphed the different groups of colorful leaves. The next day we read, Louis Elhert's The Leaf Man, and created beautiful transient art making our own leaf wonders! This was tons of fun!

      When returning our leaves back to nature, we had an impromptu rain dance! What better to let out some wiggles, then dancing with your friends (it was only sprinkling and very humid out)! 

      I think the children would agree, when I say one of my favorite parts of this past week was our pumpkin investigation! Prior to our investigation, we studied the life cycle of a pumpkin, read It's Pumpkin Time, and made life cycle crowns so we were ready to be pumpkin scientists. We learned, a scientist's job is to make observations and predictions. As scientists, we wanted to be as accurate as possible when studying our pumpkins. On Friday, we measured the height carefully with unifix cubes, drew a detailed sketch including the stem and lines, and predicted whether it would sink or float. Boy, being scientists sure was hard work! Our exploration of the inside of our pumpkins will begin this week! Stay tuned for more pictures and thank you for all of the generous donations!

      October 23, 2017 

      Sneak Peek From Our Past Week

      Ask your Kinder:
      • to show you the months of the year Macarena 
      • to find the week's passwords am and for in a magazine
      • to use their Cookie Puppet to retell the story of Cookie's Week 
      • to share with you the riddle of the little red house with no windows, no doors, and a star inside
      • to pull out one of their collections (marbles, cars, crayons) and count the objects
      • to practice writing numbers 1-9 using a fun tool (shaving cream, sand tray, paint, highlighters) 
      • to teach you how to stretch out the word cat (like you're stretching out a piece of bubble gum)

      We learned and practiced letters a and g this week. We made apple print A's and gum ball machine G's. We began practicing the third way to read a book, which is to retell the story. Right now, we are focusing on identifying and retelling the "who" in each story we read. We also met our 3rd grade buddies (who we will meet with once a week)! This week, our buddies interviewed us to find out our interests and then we read books from our book bags together. We loved meeting our buddies and building our school community!

      Our number study this week focused on numbers 8 and 9. We also practiced math-to-self and math-with-a-partner, which will be two different jobs during our center rotations. 

      Spiders have 8 legs, so why not make fun spider hats when studying the number 8?!

      Math-to-Self: We are building our subitizing skills! When we roll a dice we look at the dots and automatically know the amount without counting each dot. 

      Math-With-A-Partner: We played math memory and had to match the numeral to the corresponding number of dots in a ten frame. We also played race to trace to help us practice number formation!

      October 19, 2017
      Our Trip to Black Forest Nursery
      Thank you Mr. Warner & Mrs. Burns for joining us on this fun field trip to the nursery! We explored the gardens, searched for frogs, found a family of birds, and even painted pumpkins (coming home soon after they dry)! 

      Team 110 was joined with some friends from Mrs. Leite and Mrs. Kaufman's classrooms!

      Tis the season!

      We loved sitting with our friends on the bus! We even practiced our counting skills and sang some of our color songs to help pass the time!

      Exploring the gardens and greenhouse... do you know that Mum is short for Chrysanthemum? 

      We spotted the bird family nesting in the rafters of the nursery store!

      We tried to be super quiet as we approached the pond to find a frog... with all of our excitement the frogs heard us coming and decided to hide! 

      I think our favorite station was painting the pumpkins! 

      October 16, 2017

      Updates & Reminders: 
      • 10/18- Black Forest Nursery Field Trip - students will be back in time for lunch
      • 10/20- BES Spirit Wear Orders Due
      • 10/31 - Safety Complex Field Trip (please send in permission slips asap) & Rainbow Wear Day (information coming home soon)
      • 11/9 & 11/10 - Parent Teacher Conference 
      • 11/22-11/24- Teacher Workshop & Thanksgiving Break 
      Sneak Peek From Our Past Week

      Ask your Kinder: 
      • to tell and show you "magic c" 
      • to explain their 6 sticks project (currently hanging in our hallway)
      • to find 7 items around the house and count them with you
      • to share with you what they turned their perfect square into
      • to give you three words that start with the letter c and three that start with o
      • to see how many words they can brainstorm to rhyme with cat 
      • to find last week's passwords (me and you) in a magazine 
      • to tell you about our writing club... the best writer's in the world
      • We made two letter projects - O for octopus and C for cat 
        • Each week we make a letter craft to help us learn and practice the letters of that week
        • These projects are staying in a special spot in our classroom and will be coming home eventually
      • We've learned 3 Ways to read a book: 
        1. Read the Pictures - Use your eagle eye to zoom in on the picture to help you tell the story 
        2. Read the Words - Students start to find passwords and notice the beginning sounds of words
        3. Retell- Students practice identifying the "who" in the book that their reading 

      • We created our writing club! 
      • We've decorated our writing folders making them extra special
      • We've learned how to think, picture, & then draw the details of our story topic 
      • It is important to make sure you have the "who" and "where" in your illustration
      • We've practiced Math-to-Self (this will be one of our center rotations once we start math centers) 
      • Our number study focused on numbers 6 & 7 
        • We sorted between items that represented 6 from items that represented 7 
        • We made 7 math monsters (currently hanging in our hallway) - The kiddos could use any of the arts & crafts materials to create their monster; however if they used googly eyes then they had to use 7 etc.
      • Introduced our first shape, Square by reading The Perfect Square and creating our own abstract pictures using all of the pieces of our square (hanging in our classroom) 

      Lastly, we rested and slept!!! 

      October 5, 2017 

      Ask your Kinder:
      • to find this week's passwords (is and at) in a one of their favorite picture books
      • to use their eagle eye and read you the pictures of their favorite book
      • to find items around the house that start with the letters m and n
      • to retell you the story of Pete the Cat: 5 Little Pumpkins using their pumpkin puppets
      • to sing you one of our number writing poems (to the tune of skip-to-my-lou) In case they need help...
        • 1- "Come straight down and then your done, come straight down and then your done, that makes number 1"
        • 2- "Half a heart and slide to the right, half a heart and slide to the right, that makes number 2"
        • 3- Half way around and around again, half way around and around again, that makes number 3"
        • 4- "Down, over, cut it in half"
        • 5- "Neck, belly, hat"
      • to show you the "expected" way to sit on their letter spot 
      • to give you an example of a helper in our community
      We are building friendships in room 110! This week we had many conversations around what it means to be a friend, the power of a friend, and even took pictures of friendships to hang on our door! 

      September 29, 2017 

      Ask your Kinder:
      • to skywrite letters: m & n
      • to tell you about our personal best board hanging in the hallway
      • to teach you how to read the pictures 
      • to find a sign of Fall 
      • to tell you how they feel in the green zone (zones of regulation) 
      • what to do if you need someone to play with on the playground
      • ask you child the day of the week and the ask what tomorrow will be
      • who the leader of the day is and what their jobs are
      Passwords: look, on 
      Letters: m, n (plane line letters... to find more on letter formation please refer to our page titled, Fundations with Echo on the left sidebar.)

      This week we did center rotations! The children love working in small groups and rotating through different reading activities. Here are some of the centers from our week: 
      • tracing their passwords in sand trays
      • creating newspaper N's
      • creating a mouse for the letter M
      • read-to-self
      • drawing a person practice
      • meet the teach- practicing letter formation, letter sounds, and learning how to take a picture walk through a book

      In Writing this week, we continued our study of The Three Little Pigs. The children had to put themselves in the pig's perspective and illustrate one way that they would try to trick the big bad wolf! 

      "I would build a log house!"

      "I'm going to cook the wolf in the oven for dinner with my friends Sadie & Josh!"

      In Math this week, Ms. Russell tried to trick us! When we pulled items out of the mystery bag we realized that we had some items showed ways to represent 4 and some that showed 5... the only thing left to do was sort these items into two different number collections! 

      We also learned and practiced some math-to-self and partner math to help us build our understanding of numbers 1-5. 


      Gum Ball Machine- Students rolled a dice and added that many "gum balls" to the machine. To challenge students, we asked them to add or take away the number of gum balls that were needed when they rolled the dice the second time. For example, if I had six gum balls in my machine and on my second roll I landed a four, I would take two gum balls out so I only had four left in my machine.

      Classroom scavenger hunt to search for representations of 4 & 5- students went around our classroom and drew a quick sketch of anything that showed or represented the numbers 4 and 5. 

      5 Little Monkeys Booklet- We created our very own version of The 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed book. Students colored, cut, and glued the number of monkeys that they needed for each page of the story. 

      Partner Math:

      Top-It (also referred to as war) - We used cluster and numeral cards to practice subitizing numbers 1-5. Whoever had the larger number won the pair! 

      Connect Four - We had fun trying to get four in a row!

      September 23, 2017

      Sneak Peek from Our Past Week 

      Ask your Kinder:
      • to show you how to form lowercase letters t, b, & f using their Fundations whiteboard (please reference the Fundations with Echo tab to help support your child in using the writing grid).
      • to share with you our classroom rules 
      • to retell you the story of The 3 Little Pigs 
      • to look around the house and find a pair of something (when studying the number 2 we learned the meaning of a pair)
      • to find three items in the house that begin with the letter b
      • to show you how to use the scissors safely 
      To help support and grow our understanding of each letter we will construct a letter project. This week we focused on letters b & f and reviewed t. All three lowercase letters are skyline letters (start at the skyline). On Friday, we chose which letter project we were most proud of and wanted to hang up in the hallway for the whole school to see!

      B - bunny
      T- tissue paper 
      F - feathers

      In writing this week, we brainstormed a list of rules that we should have in our classroom (as seen on the left). We then realized that a lot of these ideas connected, so we combined them and came up with four classroom rules (as seen on the right)! We all agreed to these rules and signed our name around our new rule poster that is hanging up in our classroom!

      Our number collection is growing! Each week we have been spending our math time studying and learning about different numbers. This week we learned all about the numbers 2 and 3. When we passed around our mystery bag we found items that were all connected to the number 2!  When studying the number 2, we learned how to compare and contrast two similar objects using words like, "these objects are almost the same, but they're not exactly the same because _________." We also searched our classroom to find "pairs of items" (ex. a pair of shoes). 

      Mystery Bag & Number Collection: 

      When studying the number 3, we read two different versions of The Three Little Pigs. On Friday, each table team was given a STEM challenge. The challenge was to create a house that would keep the wolf's huffs and puffs out using these three materials: milk straws (straw), toothpicks (sticks), and legos (bricks). Each table team had to sketch their plan of how they were going to design their house. After each house was built, we tested them to see if they were sturdy enough to withstand the wolf (aka the hair dryer)! I am so proud of how well the children worked together in their small groups. Please check out our fun Friday culminating project. 

      Purple Table Team:

      Teal Table Team:

      Green Table Team:

      Pink Table Team:

      Orange Table Team:

      Big Bad Wolf: 

      September 20, 2017 

      Welcome Bow Elementary Families! 

      Our PTO subscribes to the MySchoolAnywhere service for our family and faculty directories, online store, volunteer signups and email communications. It's secure, easy to use, and free to families.  

      To register please go to the site below, enter our school's code and follows the steps to register your family.  You can specify what information you'd like to appear in the directory - or choose not to appear at all.  

      Register at join.myschoolanywhere.com

      Invitation Code:  BESBobcats

      Once we've had a chance to verify your family information, you'll receive an email with login credentials and instructions to access the system.

      Questions? Contact our system administrator at aforbes@bownet.org

      Install the Free app!  After you get your login information, download the app by searching for MySchoolAnywhere in the iTunes App Store or Google Play.  The app allows you to access our directory, manage your family information, purchase in our store and signup for volunteer activities all from your phone!

      September 18, 2017 

      Sneak Peek from Our Past Week

      Updates & Reminders:
      • 9/18- Fundations (Echo) introduction letter & whiteboard were sent home. Children can practice the correct letter formation for the letters that they've learned that week using the writing grid (skyline, plane line, grass line, worm line).
        • Please click on the "Fundations with Echo" tab to the left for more guidance on how to use the writing grid whiteboard at home
      • 9/19- Library Day (Tuesdays)
      • 9/19- Password Rings going on (I, the)
      • 9/19- Please return hopes & dreams star and the permission slip to use electronics
      • 9/25 - Picture Day
      • 10/6- NEA Day (No School)
      • 10/9- Columbus Day (No School)

      Ask your Kinder:
      • To draw and sing mat man
      • To teach you how to read the pictures with one their favorite books 
      • To share with you their hope and dream for this school year
      • To find two items in the house that are exactly the same and two items that are different and explain their math thinking
      • To share with you what we've been finding in our mystery bag (objects that all have to do with the number 1, ex. 1 penny, 1 dollar bill, 1 dot on a ten frame).
      • To tell you about the bucket filler story and to share one way they can fill someone else's bucket this week 
      The children have been learning and practicing how to care and handle books, choose a good-fit spot and read the pictures. We have been learning how to navigate our classroom library as we book shopped this morning and picked out two new books for our book bags. Below you will see pictures of the children practicing how to read-to-self. 

      This week our letter study was focused on lowercase letter t. Students are learning to identify, produce and write the letter t. Please take a look at our "Fundations with Echo" tab (located on left hand side of this page) for more information on our letter study! We had fun watching Echo flew around has we made our tissue paper T's!

      We focused on creating our hopes and dreams for kindergarten this year! We brainstormed a list as a class, discussed how important our dreams are and then chose and illustrated the one dream that was most important to us. 

      A mystery bag was dropped off in our classroom! As we passed the bag around, we each pulled out one and tried to figure out what the item was and if there was a reason why all of these items were left here! After a long investigation, we realized that all of our items were connected to the number 1! Please ask your child about our one collection. 

      Below you will see our kiddos using dobbers to explore counting and patterns. 

      Recess Fun: 

      September 9, 2017 

      Ask your Kinder:
      • what to do during a fire drill 
      • to explain the jobs of our  "classroom helpers"
      • to respond to "Chicka Chicka" (your kiddo will say "Boom Boom" and this is one of the many tools that I use to get my class's attention) 
      • how to use a glue stick
      • to teach you how to pick up a pencil using baby shark (pointer and thumb fingers form "baby shark")
      • to sing the days of the week song (to the tune of Adams Family)
      • to show you how to safely use scissors
      • to share with you their favorite part of their week 
      We have successfully learned how to navigate the lunchroom!

      Choice Time: 
      We are learning how to share and work together during free play time! As you can see, we are rocking it!

      We talked about the importance of caring for our books. We learned how to pick the right fit books from our classroom library and then we added two books to our very own book bags. You can ask your child about the story, Dog In Boots and why Ms. Russell tried on so many different shoes until she found the right fit!

      We learned and practiced how to hold a pencil using our baby shark grasp (pointer and thumb)! 

      We also drew self-portraits during writing time! 

      We continued to explore different math manipulatives located on our math shelf. We built patterns, sorted blocks, and counted the height of our unifix cube towers.

      Scissor practice

      Routines: Below you will see a list of just some of the routines that your child has been learning over the past two weeks. I don't have pictures for all of the routines that we've been practicing, but please know your child has been doing a wonderful job with learning these structures. It's hard work! 
      • morning unpack routine- red folders in bin, sign in for tray lunch or lunchbox lunch, unstack chair, start morning work
      • morning meeting flow - greeting, share, activity, message 
      • snack time - wash hands, get lunch boxes, stay seated while eating, ask a friend at your table if you need help opening your snack
      • recess/lunch procedures
      • rest time - choosing a spot in the room to place your mat, laying down and calming your body, resting your mind so your brain will grow!
      • pack-up/ dismissal- take your red folder from Ms. Russell, check your mailbox, put any mail in your folder, pack up your backpack, bring your stuff over to your table spot, and stack your chair. 

      September 3, 2017 

      First (Third) Day of School Pictures 

      August 31, 2017

      Here's a Sneak Peek from our First Week - First day(week) of school pictures coming soon 
      We have had so much fun learning about each other this week! We have been busy making friends, learning our classroom routines, and playing at recess!!

      "Let's say whaaaawhoo Kindergarten!" 

      Funny face time!

      Exploring with pattern blocks (a math manipulative): Here are a few of the responses I received when I asked the kiddos to tell me about their creations. 

      "It's a robot!"

      "Rapunzel's castle, you know Ms. Russell the princess who wears a purple dress and has the long hair?!"

      "Mines a tower, but Sadie's is a submarine. How cool!" 

      Playground Fun:

      August 29, 2017

      Welcome to Kindergarten! This is our classroom website! I am excited to share Team 110's latest news and decided this website would be a great resource for both parents and students to utilize. I want to create as many opportunities as possible to help our students grow as learners. On this site you will find our class newsletters, sight words of the week, class/school calendar of events, and links to helpful educational websites.

      August 2, 2017

      I can't wait to meet all of my incoming kiddos and families on Monday, August 29th at Open House from 4-5:30pm!