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What is Airsoft?

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So, you're interested in getting started in Airsoft?
You may have several questions, and here is where we will try to answer some of them.
Q: What is Airsoft?
A: Airsoft is a sport which uses replica firearms which shoot small (usually 6mm) plastic pellets.  Commonly airsoft players will engage in competitive gaming, military simulation, scenario based gaming, and recreation. 
Q: Which AEG should I buy?
A: The short answer is to buy what appeals to you cosmetically.  Look for online reviews of the particular brand when purchasing.  Most AEG's are very similar internally, and perform nearly the same out of the box.  The biggest variance is the external way they look.  Most stock AEG's can be modified and upgraded to make them equal to higher end AEG's.  Some other factors to consider are; Where will you primarily be playing, the woods?  An urban setting?  An assault rifle type AEG may be better suited in the woods as they have a longer internal barrel, offering a greater distance when shooting.  If you are playing in close quarters, or an urban setting, then a sub-machine gun type AEG will be helpful as they have a decreased length and offer greater maneuverability.
Q: Which battery should I use?
A: There are numerous batteries types, brands, setups.  You will need to select one which will fit the AEG you choose, if it did not come with a battery.  Some AEG's will hold a battery large enough which will last you all day.  Other AEG's require a mini-battery pack, which could possibly require you to switch out to a backup battery pack during the day.  Battery storage is important, but should not be a major factor in your decision as there are methods around battery storage that you will discover as you research different AEG's.

Q: I am interested in a team, where should I look? 
A: This depends on the experience you are looking for.  Brigade Milsim has a team which was established in 2011 and is still active. You can look for other local teams on AirsoftC3, just beware that the AirsoftC3 site isn't the most up to date and some of those teams may now be defunct. 

If you're still unsure what type of AEG you would like, you can always attend a Boulder Airsoft event as a spectator, and ask to look at or try out a players AEG.  Ask our players questions about their batteries, gear, and anything else you may think of.  We are always open to introducing new players to the sport, and answering questions to get them started.

If there is a question you would like answered by email you may contact us at: team@boulderairsoft.com