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Current positions available at Tanya L. Boucher, PC dba Tanya Boucher Conn, Attorney at Law

 Exciting and professional atmosphere


All positions filled at this time.  Occasionally we hire additional, part-time help.  

Needed: Dependable legal assistants. Students that have recently graduated from a legal assistant training program are encouraged to apply.  Additionally, we provide internship opportunities for students that need to fulfill their hourly obligations for their degrees.

    The person filling any position, of course, needs to be dependable and have good work ethics. Proficiency in all Microsoft office applications is a must. Applicant should be familiar with basic accounting concepts. Relaxed/casual attire is permitted. Applicant must be a self starter and extremely motivated. Additionally, the person must be capable of learning new legal document preparation software as well as case management software. Knowledge of similar software is a plus.

    Other responsibilities include answering the phones and setting appointments, managing client files and correspondence from clients, monitoring deadlines, scanning, and filing documents at the court house. Must be  extremely organized, and file on a daily basis. Applicant may attend meetings and court hearings with attorneys as needed and must be able to assist with case file preparation prior to hearings. Occasionally evening and weekend work may be needed.

    Strong communication skills are a must, whether in writing, on the phone, or in person. Your ability to communicate effectively and promptly is a key ingredient for success within a law firm. 

    From time to time there are permanent and temporary positions in this growing firm. If you feel you have a great desire to learn, and you are good at multi-tasking, this spot may be for you. This is a wonderful learning environment for those with a passion for helping others and expanding their skill sets.

Please Email: Work Here

Please attach the following: 

1. Cover Letter 2. Sample writing 3. Resume 4. References  

Selected applicants will be contacted for interview in a 2 stage process: one preliminary interview (please bring hard copies of your documents), then another with attorney Tanya Conn, to be scheduled after the first interview.