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Our office is located at 8008 Slide Road #20, in Lubbock. We are a firm with focus on areas involving Business - Real Estate, Property issues - Personal Injury  -  Construction Law - Health Care - Estate Planning & Probate - Oil & GasBankruptcy - Family - Criminal . We are 100% dedicated to achieving results for our clients and getting them what they deserve.

Tanya Conn has practiced law in the areas of criminal law, family law, business, real estate and personal injury for many years.

Tanya also has experience focused on law dealing directly with the medical industry for doctors and healthcare facilities. Tanya (Boucher) Conn has experience in the medical industry and was a hospital district administrator prior to practicing law.  Prior to this, Tanya Conn worked for CPA firms performing audits of financials of hospitals and many types of health care agencies.

Tanya Conn has a Master of Science in Accounting from Texas Tech University. This, coupled with being an attorney, offers experience and knowledge that allows her to better assist many clients with those needs.

We help many individuals and business owners with their legal needs, large or small.  Let us know if we can assist you!
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