Welcome to Spring!

Spring into Google! Course Overview

This blended learning series helps teachers begin integrating Google Apps for Education into their work and teaching. The series features online and face-to-face workshops, as well as opportunities for teachers to build their BPS professional learning network for integrating technology into instruction. Each week, we will cover a new Google App in two workshops: one face-to-face workshop at English High School and one Online Webinar using Google Hangouts on Air, for a total of 8 workshops. Topics for each week are listed below.

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Link to BPSLearns Series Site

Be sure to access the course site in BPSLearns for access to series resources, live virtual workshop broadcasts [also posted here], feedback and forums, and other Google Apps learning opportunities. To access, simply login with your BPS ID# and Hub password and click on "enroll me" to enter.

Tell us which sessions you plan to attend so that we can look forward to seeing you and reserve adequate space for our workshops.

  1. Week 1: Google Drive for the Classroom Teacher
    1. Online: March 3rd Webinar on Google Drive
    2. Face-to-Face: March 5th Google Drive Workshop at English High 
  2. Week 2: Going Paperless with Google Classroom
    1. Online: March 10th Webinar on Google Classroom
    2. Face-to-Face: March 12th Google Classroom Workshop at English High 
  3. Week 3: Classroom Communication using Google Sites
    1. Online: March 17th Webinar on Google Sites
    2. Face-to-Face: March 19th Google Sites Workshop at English High 
  4. Week 4: Blogging in the Boston Classroom
    1. Online: March 24th Webinar on Google Blogger
    2. Face-to-Face: March 26th Google Blogger Workshop at English High
    Overall Course Format

    This is a FLEXIBLE series! That means how you engage with this series is up to you: you can attend all of the online sessions, all of the face to face sessions, or mix it up! You can come to some sessions on apps that are of most interest to you, attend multiple sessions in one week and none another week, mixing and matching to suit your learning needs.

    To earn PDPs, you must:

    1. Sign up for the series in MyLearningPlan and let us know which workshops you plan to attend.
    2. Attend 4 total online or f2f workshops and complete the relevant requirements for each session.
    3. Complete the culminating assignment, which involves the creation of either a course blog or website OR the development of a unit/lesson that uses Google Apps for Education with your students.
    If you wish to only attend a few workshops, but not necessarily for PDPs, you can do that too! You might come away with some new tips or tricks, or artifacts and lesson plans to use in your teaching. To participate in this way, simply RSVP at the link above after February 16th and let us know when you plan to attend.

    Workshop Format

    Workshops will be designed to give you time to both learn about and play with new digital tools. Each workshop session will start with an icebreaker or "do now" task, after which digital learning specialists will share a few key features and ways of using a particular Google tool in your work and teaching. Then, you will have time to engaged in what we like to call "focused play," or time to experiment with the tool itself based on goals you set for your own learning. At the end of each session, you will share what you have created and your goals for moving forward as your "exit ticket."

    In the webinars, we will use Google Hangouts On Air and our learning management system, BPSLearns, to present material using Google Hangouts on Air. To join webinars and view course information, go to the Spring into Google Course Page and click on "enroll me!" to enroll yourself. Then you will be able to view the webinars (either live or the recording) and participate in the interactive tasks. At the beginning and end of each webinar workshop, we will ask participants to "check in" with either a quick poll or another interactive task. While you engage in "focused play," we will be available via chat and hangouts to answer your questions as best we can!

    In the face-to-face workshops, we will repeat much of the material from the webinar, only in a face-to-face setting where you can get help from colleagues or from us one-on-one. You can view the webinars before coming to the face-to-face workshop on the same topic, or you can choose either the webinar or the face-to-face workshop to attend.

    We only ask that you let us know which sessions you plan to attend ahead of time by clicking here or on the link at the top of this page!