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Track Record

Track Record 

  • Across BPS, 25-30 percent of teacher with a low rating are able to improve to Proficient status. In PAR, 55 percent of teachers with a low rating have improved to Proficient status.
  • Additionally, 100 percent of PAR teachers said they made positive changes, built confidence, and would recommend PAR to a friend or colleague.

Teacher Comments About PAR
“PAR gave me someone who I could talk with, bounce ideas off, and get suggestions from.  I became more confident and more organized during my mentoring sessions with the CT. That is what made it so valuable.”

“I had a very positive and productive experience working with my CT. This year's experience changed my attitudes toward the evaluation process forever.”

“I'd like to see this program expand. It felt like a just and honest way to be evaluated. It allowed growth without feeling threatened.”

“I am forever grateful for my consulting teacher, PAR and BTU for creating this opportunity for an educator like me to have an equitable voice and a fair evaluation process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“My CT gave excellent feedback after class observations. Good suggestions, good understanding of my situation, student personalities, what could be done and what would prove to be fruitless effort.”

“I hope PAR continues to support teachers in the way that they do. It provides a meaningful collaborative mentoring program that help teachers improve their teaching and extend their learning. Thank you for believing in me.”

“I truly felt that I was working on becoming a better teacher, and not just having to justify myself to remove a stigma that I felt was unjustly placed on me.”  

“I needed the help, I needed the support and I felt like I got it. No teacher can do it alone.  We all need support.  The best thing about PAR was having someone to trust.”

“PAR has saved my career in Boston. Without PAR I would not have a voice and a proper evaluation of my work and skills. PAR has empowered me to take control of my career and future.”

Administrator Comments About PAR

“The main benefit of PAR is the teacher having access to a one-on-one coach.”

“PAR provides regular, intensive support for permanent teachers who are struggling."

“PAR frees school leaders up to focus more on other issues so a few teachers don’t take up an inordinate amount of time.”

“If the teacher is open to feedback and can make changes, I think the PAR model can be a powerful experience that will improve instruction and create a better experience for students.”

“The coaching support piece is HUGE.  PAR teachers are afforded an opportunity to work closely with a coach in a way that administration typically cannot.”

“PAR brought a fresh set of eyes and ears to the meetings we had so that comments had less of a chance of being distorted by both parties.  It helped me make sure that I was being fair, objective and not showing bias.”