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 PAR is for teachers with more than two years of experience in BPS. Teachers in their 1st or 2nd year are not eligible for PAR at present.
  PAR is for teachers on a Directed Growth, Improvement or Developing Educator evaluation plan. Teachers currently on a Self-Directed plan are not eligible for PAR (but we may be able to set up an informal observation/ consultancy visit).
 PAR is for teachers with an evaluation plan that is at least 6 months long. Teachers with an evaluation plan less than 6 months long are not eligible for PAR, but may be eligible for Peer Assistance or supports.

Next Steps

  • Fill out the PAR Contact Form (below).

  • A Consulting Teacher will set up an initial meeting with you.

  • After the initial meeting, you can decide whether or not to join PAR.

PAR Contact Form