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About The Consulting Teachers

Consulting Teachers (CTs) are skilled, veteran teachers who work with you to improve planning, classroom management, and instructional strategies. They can observe, give feedback, plan, model, troubleshoot and provide support in the areas where you need to improve.  They will also make a recommendation for a rating to the PAR Panel.  They support a caseload of up to 12 teachers each.

The Consulting Teachers for 2016-2017:  

Lauren Clarke-Mason

former Hennigan School

Mark Lonergan

former Boston Arts Academy


Lauren Clarke-Mason

Lauren Clarke-Mason graduated from Hampton University with a BS in Sociology, then after working a few years in management, was called to the teaching profession in 1994. Through an intense 15-month program at Wheelock College, she participated in a yearlong internship at The Walker School working as the assistant teacher supporting the learning needs of children. After earning her MS in Education, Ms. Clarke-Mason began in Boston Public Schools and taught at the Harvard-Kent School in 1995, then at the Hennigan School in 1999 in a variety of teaching positions including Substantially Separate Special Needs Teacher, Integrated Special Needs Teacher and Advanced Work. Ms. Clarke-Mason lives in Roxbury with her husband and two sons.

As a Boston teacher, Ms. Clarke-Mason has participated in numerous growth building opportunities including a two week Science Sabbatical at Boston’s Museum of Science, The Boston Writing Project at the University of Massachusetts, and her classroom and discussion facilitating methods were featured on the television special Better Living with Liz Walker modeling Open Circle social-emotional growth program. Ms. Clarke-Mason is currently working on writing her first novel for middle grade readers.


Mark Lonergan

Mark Lonergan has been teaching in Boston Public Schools since 2000. For 14 years, he worked as a math teacher, writing teacher and advisor at Boston Arts Academy. During his time at BAA, Mr. Lonergan served as Student Government Advisor, Department Chair, Curriculum Developer, Mentor Teacher, Assessment Coordinator, and represented faculty on the Leadership Team and the BAA Board of Trustees. Before coming to Boston, Mr. Lonergan was an English teacher in rural Japan and also taught math in Fairfax County, Virginia and Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a Boston resident and a BPS parent, with children at the Haley and Hennigan Schools.

Mr. Lonergan has presented workshops at national conferences for the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). In 2000, he was awarded the Massachusetts Department of Education signing bonus for promising new teachers. In 2014, he was awarded the Goldin Foundation Excellence in Education Award. He was also profiled in the book Bringing the Common Core to Life: Exemplary High School Practices (2nd ed) by Yvelyne Germaine-McCarthy.