EdTech Reading Club Basics

Reading Club Overview and Calendar

This book club focuses on how to embed digital learning into your regular practice, especially skills related to digital writing and creation of digital texts! Over the next four weeks, you will complete readings from Troy Hicks' Crafting Digital Writing, read a few articles from other experts on digital learning and teaching, participate in Twitter chats once a week, and create a reflective plan at the end of the month for implementation of what you have learned into your classroom practice. I look forward to reading with all of you!

Week 1, Aug 10-14:
    1. Read: Chapters 1 and 2 from Crafting Digital Writing
    2. Article Reads:
      1. Research: Pew Research Center "Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015"
      2. Media: Cassano, 2014 "Inspire Thoughtful Creative Writing through Art"
    3. Participate: Twitter Chat Thursday, Aug. 13th on Twitter using #EdTechReads hashtag!
Week 2, Aug 17-21:
    1. Read:
    2. Article Reads: Choose Chapter 3 or 4 from Crafting Digital Writing
      1. Research: Hicks, Turner, & Stratton (2013): "Reimagining a Writer's Process through Digital Storytelling"
      2. Media: Moulton, "What has Podcasting Done for You?"
    3. Participate: Twitter Chat Thursday, Aug. 20th on Twitter using #EdTechReads hashtag!
Week 3, Aug 23-28:
    1. Read: Choose Chapter 5, 6, or 7 from Crafting Digital Writing
    2. Article Reads:
      1. Media: Wettrick, 2015 "Creative Destruction in Teaching (And the Ongoing Relevance of Teachers)"
    3. Participate: Twitter Chat Thursday, Aug. 27th on Twitter using #EdTechReads hashtag!
First Week of September: Reflective Plan for Integration
In the first week of September, compose a reflective plan to help you integrate your learning into your practice this coming year. We read about a lot of different kinds of digital writing, so I encourage you to be creative -- this plan could be written in a traditional format, but it does not need to be written! You could create a wiki or blog post, a podcast, or even a video. Your plan should communicate:
  1. One or two major things you learned from your reading and our discussions.
  2. How the reading made you think about teaching or your practice in a different way.
  3. One or two specific goals for your classroom this year, and a timeline or plan for implementing those goals.
Again, media and genre is up to you! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Due Date for PDPs: Friday, September 4th!

    Overall Club Format

    Anyone is welcome to participate! Though the club was formed with New England / Boston area teachers in mind, we are certainly willing to have others join us who are interested in reading Crafting Digital Writing and thinking about educational technology in the classroom. All you have to do to join is follow the schedule above, read when you can, and join the Twitter chats or discussions on Facebook! We're happy to have you.

    Some teachers, however, are joining formally to earn PDPs. For those teachers, some rules apply.

    To earn PDPs, you must:

    1. Sign up for the series in MyLearningPlan if you're in Boston or on this Google Form if you're in Waltham.
    2. Follow along with our readings: a selection of chapters from Crafting Digital Writing and a few short supplemental articles.
    3. Participate in our Twitter reading chats, which will take place from 1-2pm on Thursdays in August. Use the hashtag #EdTechReads to participate!
    4. Complete the culminating assignment: a "reflective plan" in which you reflect on your learning and present a plan for implementation and integration of what you have learned into a lesson, unit, or the overall structure of your class for the coming year. Submission guidelines will be posted here.
    PDP Breakdown

    It is expected that you spend 10 self-directed hours engaging with the assignments and discussions that comprise this reading group. Here's my estimated breakdown of how these hours might be spent:
    1. 5 hours engaging with readings. This could flux depending on how fast of a reader you are!
    2. 3 hours engaging in Twitter Book Chats. These are at 1pm on Thursdays in August, starting August 13th.
    3. 2 hours compiling your final reflection and Integration Plan (guidelines above).
    You might also spend time posting on Twitter (use the hashtag!) or to our FB group (link below). You might spend more time reading and miss one of our Twitter chats. Visit the reading log to keep track of your reading time, and consider how you want to guide your own learning for this group.


    Our reading discussions will take place on Twitter in weekly Twitter chats! This means you will need a Twitter account; don't worry, if you decide Twitter isn't for you, you can always delete your account at the end of August. But I hope you won't!

    We also have a reading group Facebook group that I hope you will consider joining. Visit this link to request membership. The group is closed, and no one in the group can view other members' profile information (unless your FB profile is already public). You can post to the group or simply follow posts and reminders, it's up to you. This piece is optional.

    Be sure to read more about how to participate in discussions on the Discussion Guidelines and Formats Page!