Overview: A Call To Adventure

2016 BLA 7th Grade Symposium Assignment Step I: 

The Call to Adventure

“These are the last things. One by one they disappear and never come back…. ”

Call to Adventure: Save Incelebrātus

Your mission: You have just read a letter from Vita, who lives in the society called Incelebrātus. The people who live there are in desperate need of help.  Their society has deteriorated into a dystopia. They need you and your advanced skills to save them.  In order to do this, you’ll need to figure out the biggest problems Incelebrātus faces, and how you might, along with the citizens of Incelebrātus, propose changes to fix it.

Why you were chosen: Over the course of this school year, you have focused on global issues that are currently placing our world in peril. You have also demonstrated your ability to connect your learning in all content areas to a particular global issue, for example, the work you did during the Interdisciplinary Science Fair.

These issues included: overpopulation and world hunger, overuse of fertilizer and irresponsible agricultural practices, over-consumption of the world’s water supply, expansion of landfills and the global energy crisis. Through your research and various projects, some of you discussed how these problems are due to increasing demand and shrinking resources or capacity, while others are unforeseen consequences of modern technology and life on the environment. In writing a “call to action,” you considered why people persist in their reluctance to change their ways even in the face of potentially dire impacts for humanity and our earth. This exploration into human nature extended to research you did in Latin class on how irresponsible agricultural practices may have led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Now it is time to synthesize your learning one last time this school year by analyzing Incelebrātus,  a society 50 years in the future, where the people are in despair and need your help. Using your interdisciplinary learning, you will make the fictional world of Incelebrātus a better place. The first step in this Call To Adventure is to draw inferences about what factors might have led to making this society seem dystopian. You will began this process through analyzing and making comparative inferences and projections about this society using statistical data.

This work for the Symposium is a multi-step process, involving collaborative problem-solving that will lead to an improvement plan meant to make a society better. Ultimately, all of your work for this project will be presented on a website that you will design with your team. If you are beginning to get nervous, click here for encouragement: Failure is Not a Permanent Condition video

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