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Guppy Designer Workshop on Aquarium News!

Noted Author and Guppy Designer, Philip Shaddock of GuppyDesigner.com will be joining BGC members Bill Gill and Steve Allen on their BlogTalkRadio Show "Aquarium News"  The Show will air live Feb 15th at 10 AM Est.  The show will be available on demand after that.

Listen To the Guppy Designer Workshop


Welcome to Guppy Enthusiasts of New England a not for profit organization promoting the guppy breeding hobby in the Northeastern United States.

Founded in 2009 as the Boston Guppy Club, G.E.N.E.  is dedicated to expanding the guppy hobby in the Northeast with the common goal of learning about the guppy, experimenting with its genetics, and conducting events  to enhance and extend the hobby. We are an inclusive organization dedicated to encouraging and celebrating guppy diversity and providing a context where guppy keepers can express their creativity and sense of wonder at the beauty of this unique creature.

Guppy Enthusiasts of New England is a proud and loyal member of the IGEES - International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society