Organizational Borrower Program

Does your organization want to borrow tools from the Tool Library to do a project? By popular demand, we have created a new way to partner up with the Santa Rosa Tool Library: Organizational Borrowers.

Organizational Borrowers are organizations such as nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, community groups, schools, community development corporations and other folks that are doing good in our neighborhoods.

As an Organizational Borrower, up to five (5) representatives of the organization or group will be authorized to borrow tools from a single account. The tool library will also hold tools for up to seven (7) days before the project date (Tools for Individual Borrowers are held to be picked up by the following day). Many organizations can take advantage of this opportunity to cut their budgets by eliminating the need to buy tools for their projects.

Is my organization eligible to register as an Organizational Borrower?
Organizational Borrowing privileges are available to charitable organizations only.  These include non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, neighborhood associations, educational institutions, and places of worship.  Note that your organization does not need to be a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit to qualify. Organizational Borrowers are not designed for informal group houses or friends working together.  We recommend registering as an individual “Registered Borrower” for these situations.

How does my organization become an Organizational Borrower?
To become an Organizational Borrower, the organizations director or project leader must complete an Organizational Borrowers Agreement, including a list of up to five (5) representatives of the organization.  The agreement must be presented and signed, in person, during the tool library’s hours of operation. The director or project leader is ultimately responsible for the care and timely return of tools borrowed by the organizations representatives.

How does my organization borrow tools?
Call or email the tool library to request tools. The tool library will hold tools for up to seven (7) days prior to the project date and tools will be loaned out for up to seven (7) days. The representative for the agency who is picking up tools will be asked to sign a one-time Borrowers Agreement that they understand the Borrowers Rules and agree to waive and indemnify the Tool Library against injury or damage. Tools may be renewed for an additional loan period if the representative who picked up the tools contacts the tool library during open hours. Overdue charges are $1.00 a day for each tool loaned out so please remember to either renew your tools on or before the due date or return tools by the due date.

How much does it cost to become an Organizational Borrower?
Organizational Borrowers, like Individual Borrowers, pay nothing to borrow tools from the tool library.

How can your organization help the Santa Rosa Tool Library as an Organizational Borrower?

We encourage you to send us photos of your completed projects so that we may show off your organizations efforts on our Facebook fan page, twitter account, and newsletter.