List of Tools  
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Loan Period
7 days - All Tools    

Tools with an (*) asterisk require 1 days notice for checkout.

Landscape &
Power Tools Carpentry &
Concrete &
Painting & Walls
Drills & Bits
Brick Work
3 in 1 Tool
Bow saw     Angle Drill
Drop Cloth
Broom - Push 
    Demo. Hammer
    Cats Claw
Broom - Steel 
    Drill - Corded     Crow/Pry
    Corner Knives
Bulb Planter     Drill - Cordless    Tack/Nail Puller    Trowel    Joint Knife
Digging Bars 
    Drill - Heavy Duty Chalk Line    
Concrete & Grout
    Keyhole Saw
Fence Post Ram     Drill Bit Set Door Lock Installer     Bull Float
Fork Spade 
    Hole Saw Bits Drills     * Cement Vibrator
Fruit Picker 
    Impact Wrench     Brace Drill     Edging Tool
Extension Poles
Garden Trowel 
    Rotary Hammer     Hand Drill     Groover
Keyhole Saw
Grass Seeders 
    Screw Gun(See Power Tools)    Grout Float
Linoleum Knife
Grass Shears  Routers Hammers     Grout Route
Mud Pan
Grass Whip      Dremel Moto-Tool     Brick     Grout Saw
Hedge Shears      Plunge
    Drywall     Mixing Paddles
    Brush Holder
Hedge Trimmer       Router Bits     Ball Peen     Mortar Hoe
    Heat Gun
Hoe - Standard      Roto-Zip
    Dead Blow     Mud Pan
Hoe - Hula     Standard     Framing Caulking Gun
Lawn Edgers      Trim Router     Mallets  Cold Chisel     Roller
Leaf Blower  Sanders & Grinders     Sledge Hammer Demo. Hammer     Scraper
Leaf Blower/Vac.      Angle Grinder     Tack Line Winder Putty Knife
Leaf Vacuum      Belt Sander Hammer Tacker Mortar Mixer
Stud Finder
Leaf Scoop      Belt Sander - Fixed   Levels   Putty Knife Wall Scrapers 
Lopping Shears      Finishing Sander      Laser      Rebar Bender
Mattock Axe       Orbit Sander     Fence Post  Saws Mechanical
Mutt  Saws & Cutters     Torpedo & Water    Grout Saw   Cold Chisel
Pitchfork     Band Saw Nail Sets    Wet Tile Saw Cutters
Pole Lopper     Biscuit Joiner Rasps     Sledge Hammers     Aviation Snips
Pole Saw/Pruner      Chop/Miter Saw Sanding Blocks Star Chisel       Bolt Cutter
Post Hole Digger       Circular / Skil Saw Shingle Remover
Tile     Box Cutter
Pruning Saw      * Cut Off Machine Saws     Cutter       Hacksaw 
Pruning Shears      Hacksaw     Back     Nippers      Pipe Cutter
Rakes     Jig      Coping     Rub Brick     Wire Cutters  
    Bow       Reciprocating     Crosscut     Splitter Fasteners/Tackers
    Grading      Scroll Saw     Hacksaw         Cable/Wire Tacker
    Leaf      Sheet Metal Shears     Miter Box & Saw Trowels     Hammer Tacker 
Rose De-Thorner     Table Saw Sawhorses     Brick     Staple Gun
    Undercut Saw
Screwdrivers     Flat Hammers 
    Flat   Stapling & Nailing 
Screw Extractor     Margin Inspection Mirror     
    Spade  Nail/Brad Gun Squares      Notched Mallets
    Trench  Staple/Brad Gun     Carpenters
Pin Punches
Sidewalk Scraper  
    Drywall Plumbing Pliers
String Trimmer  Electrical     Machinist Deburring Tool     Locking
T-Post Puller  Cable Ripper     Speed Drain Snake      Needle Nose
Tamper Conduit Bender Staple Gun Hose Cutter     Slip Joint
* Water/Lawn Roller  Crimping Tool Stud Finder Pipe Bender     Tongue & Groove
Weasel  Extension Cord Surform Rasp Pipe Cutter Pry/Crow Bars 
Weeding Tool  Fish Tape Tape Measure Pliers (Various) Rasps & Files  
Wedges  GFCI Outlet Tester
PVC Cutter Riveter, Blind
Wheelbarrow  Kill-A-Watt Meter Hauling Spark Light Wrenches
  K.O.Punch Set Appliance Truck Torch     Allen
 Drafting/Measuring Multimeter Furniture Dolly Tube bender     Combination 
Measuring  Pliers (Various) Ratchet Tie-Downs Wrenches     Crescent 
    Calipers Snap Around MeterUtility Dolly     Basin     Lug Nut X Wrench
    Flexible Ruler  Soldering Iron Wheelbarrow     Pipe     Nut Drive
    Micro-Meter  Volt Meter (110/220)
    Spud     Oil Filter
    Rulers  Wire Cutter Clamps & Vices     Strap     Socket Set
    Protractor   Wire Stripper Angle Clamp     Tub Drain     Socket Set (Heavy)
    Tape Measure  Wire Tacker Gun Bar Clamp Work Light     Torque
Gauges  Work Lights C-Clamps
Vice Grips
    Contour Gauge  
Locking Pliers Floors & Carpets Winch - 1 Ton
    Humidity/Temp  Automotive
Pipe Clamps  Carpet Stretcher Wire Strippers
    Temperature  Battery Brush Ratchet Tie-Downs  Carpet Dryer
    Wood Moisture Mtr.  Car RampsSpring ClampFloor ScrapersMisc.
Surveying   * Engine Support
Linoleum KnifeEye Glass Repair Kit
    Chalk Line   Extension MirrorSafetyLinoleum Roller Glue Gun
    Levels Jack StandsGoggles
Glass Scraper
    Laser Level Lug Nut X Wrench Knee PadsLadders Hay Hooks
    Line Winder Magnetic Stick
6ft Free StandingTape Gun 
    Plumb Bob  Multi-MeterFence Work8ft Free StandingUtility Scissors 
    Squares (Various) Oil Filter WrenchFence Multi-Tool

 Snap Ring SetFence Post Level

 Timing Light Fence Post Ram
   Transmission Jack Post Hole Digger       
  T-Post Puller