Bear Mayhem has been a yearly party by Woofs Sports Bar in Atlanta. The last two years it's been hosted by Boot Hill with contributions from Sponsors and Supporters at The River's Edge and has taken on a new theme.

We're very excited to be bringing another year of Bear Mayhem to The River's Edge Mother's Day Weekend May 9-11th. The campground has undergone some exciting changes in the last year and continue to make other improvements so it has become an ideal venue for this event. 

Our second year was an incredible success and this year is looking like it is going to be even more awesome already. The goal of the event is always to have a good time and promote a brotherhood. A great byproduct of that is a big fat donation to our favorite charity Lost and Found Youth. These guys have done an incredible job of taking a hole in our society and doing everything they can to fill it in. Giving OUR youth a place to live, food to eat, education and employment opportunities is expensive. The great thing is it is an investment in the future of some brilliant minds, society at large and our community. 

There will be raffles, vendors, gifts, Dinner and Breakfast, a cigar party, Dancing, DJs, Parties, and of course our Mr River's Edge/Bear Mayhem Bear and Cub contest.

This year we have had to raise the registration fee as expenses of this event have increased as well as our desire to give more to Lost and Found. We hope that you understand and will come celebrate Bearhood with us.