Boost Foundation

The Boost Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that supports Boost libraries, the C++Now conference, and other related initiatives.

The Boost Foundation mission

The Boost Foundation’s broad C++ mission is: (a) development of high quality, expert reviewed, legally unencumbered, open-source libraries, (b) inspiring standard enhancements, and (c) advancing and disseminating software development best practices. It does this by fostering community engagement, nurturing leaders, providing necessary financial/legal support, and making directional decisions in the event of Boost community deadlock.

Equally important to our mission is the guidance provided by our shared values. These are transparency, inclusivity, consensus-building, federated authorship, and community-driven leadership.

  • The Boards primarily conducts its business with monthly online meetings and a face to face meeting each year at C++Now.
  • You can make a request of the Board at any time through the public email list available here.
  • Minutes of our meetings are public and available here.
Board of Directors
  • Members serve two year terms, which end during C++Now.
  • Current members:
    • Terms expiring in 2023:
      • David Sankel
      • Bob Steagall
      • Michael Caisse
      • Zach Laine
    • Terms expiring in 2024:
      • Glen Fernandes
      • Hartmut Kaiser
      • Peter Dimov
Boost Foundation Officers
  • Board of Directors, Chair: David Sankel 
  • Board of Directors, Vice Chair: Glen Fernandes 
  • Executive Directors: David Sankel
  • Secretary: Michael Caisse
  • Treasurer: Michael Caisse
  • C++Now Conference Chair: Bob Steagall
  • Director of Summer of Code: David Bellot
  • 2022-10-31 C++ joins INCITS to partake in C++ standardization and opens up participation to the broader C++ community. See our announcement for more details.
  • 2022-08-24 The newly adopted Boost Foundation mission is published along with meeting minutes.

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