Boost Steering Committee Home Page

  • The Committee's scope:
The Steering Committee’s purview will include policy, procedural, and technical decisions. Day-to-day detailed decisions about particular libraries are left to the library developers, as always.
  • The public email list is available here.
  • Annotated slides from the special BoostCon 2011 Friday morning session announcing the formation of a Boost Steering Committee are available here.
The Committee's Role in the Boost Community:
In the Boost community decisions have always been made by consensus and individual members have shown leadership by stepping forward to do what they felt needed to be done. Boost has not suffered from a lack of leadership or volunteer participation.
It is not the role of the Steering Committee to inhibit this kind of spontaneous leadership and action, which has served Boost and the wider C++ community so well.
On the contrary, it is the role of the Steering Committee to facilitate community-based leadership and decision making. The role of the Committee is to be able to commit the organization to specific action either where funds are required or where consensus cannot be reached, but a decision must be made.


  • The Steering Committee conducts most of its business by email rather than meeting face to face.
  • There is one face to face meeting each year at C++Now.
  • There is one online conference call meeting in the fall.
  • You can make a request of the committee at any time through the public email list available here.
Pending business:

  • None

Recent resolutions
  • Michael Caisse is authorized to approve funds to investigate and acquire better continuous testing services.
  • Damian Vicino authorized to be the program administrator of the Boost participation in GSOD and to agree to the program terms for Boost Libraries.
  • Boost will accept Ciere Consulting as the Boost Mailing List Sponsor.
  • Boost will use mailgun for mailing lists.
  • Boost will fund Boost Summer of Code proposal. Request from Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach.
  • Boost will purchase hardware for testing.
  • Cover the cancelled travel expenses of David Bellot's trip to the GSoC Summit.
  • Purchase of certificate by Ciere (Boost will reimburse)
  • [Hana] Formal request for GSoC extension (Boost will fund)
  • Past Year Mentorship Stipends (Boost will pay past year mentorships. If declined or not requested, funds will be earmarked for the C++Now Student/Volunteer fund.)
  • Help from Boost regarding GSoC 2014 Reunion (Boost will cover expenses)


  • Members serve two year terms, which end during C++Now.
  • Current members:
    • Terms expiring in 2020:
      • Glen Fernandes
      • Hartmut Kaiser
      • Lisa Lippincott
      • Matt Calabrese
      • Zach Laine
    • Terms expiring in 2021:
      • David Sankel
      • Jon Kalb, chair
      • Louis Dionne
      • Michael Caisse
      • Peter Dimov
    • Past members (thank you for your service):
      • Beman Dawes
      • Boris Kolpackov
      • Dave Abrahams
      • Eric Niebler
      • Jeff Garland
      • Marshall Clow
      • Rob Stewart
      • Sebastian Redl
      • Steven Watanabe