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Garbage Schedule

WEB-SITE INFO: In the event of INCLEMENT WEATHER, for the up-to-the minute information, please visit to determine if curbside collection has been canceled. If you do not have internet access, call the town office. Please be aware that collection may begin on a particular day, but due to safety concerns, crews may not be able to complete the collection because weather conditions may change. Recycling can be brought to the Recy Center the next day if not collected because of weather. Next curbside pick-up would be in 2 weeks.

Please make sure newspapers are secure when placed at the curb, since they can no longer be tied, and if you place them in a container, make sure that cannot blow away.

MISSED MATERIAL: Residents whose recycling is not picked up and was put out the night before must call the Town BEFORE 10:00AM on Friday at 973-402-9460.

Garbage Routes
Section Schedule
Flats Monday & Thursday
Hill (incl. Main St.) Tuesday & Friday
Park Monday & Thursday

Routes by Street Name Garbage Collection by Street

Holiday Schedule: There will be no collection on the following dates, so put your trash out the following "make-up" day.      

Holiday Schedule 2017
Holiday Make-up
Memorial Day  May 30
Independence Day July 5 
Labor Day  Sept. 5
Thanksgiving Day  Nov. 24
Christmas Day Dec. 26

Bulk Garbage & the Sticker Program

Bulk Item Stickers - $5.00 for small items; $10.00 for large items
Available at Town Hall or Recycling Center
Required for furniture or other large non-metallic items
Place bulk items curbside on regular garbage day

Large Appliance Stickers - $10.00 each   
No Sticker required - if you take it to the recycling center yourself 
Available at Town Hall or Recycling Center
Required for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc.
Call 973-402-9460 for collection.

Excess Garbage Stickers - $2.50 per bag/container
Available at Town Hall or Recycling Center
Required when putting out more than 2 bags or containers
Put extra bags/containers curbside with regular garbage

Recycling Information