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Fall Leaf Pick-Up

Happy Fall from all of us in your Department of Public Works. Ahead of the heavy leaf pickup season, below you may view or download our 2017 Leaf Collection Schedule which includes your street name and the two dates when your leaves** will be collected. This schedule may also be found online under the Public Works tab at

Chapter 246 Article VI 246-32 E of the Town code ( states that leaves shall be placed in the streets no sooner than seven days prior to a scheduled or announced collection date and shall be placed no closer than 10 ft. from any storm drain. Please have your leaves on the street as close to the Sunday before your collection date as possible to assist us in our work. Failure to follow the schedule will result in a warning letter and in some cases, a summons will be issued.

Also listed in the enclosed schedule are the instructions to help guide you. We plan on making two) passes through town (weather permitting), so your street should appear on the schedule twice. Please do the following:

1. Find your street on the schedule below 
2. Mark your calendar for your 2 street collection dates
3. Place your leaves on the street on the weekend nearest your collection date

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not wait until Monday to put your leaves into the street as there is no guarantee that we will be on any particular street on any particular day.

WHAT IF IT SNOWS in the days prior to your collection date? Please visit the Town website at for further instructions.

WHAT IF YOU MISS YOUR COLLECTION DATE OR DON’T WANT TO WAIT? You can bring your leaves to the Town’s Recycling Center located on Plane Street. Throughout the leaf collection season, the Recycling Center will be open to accepting leaves:

Monday – Friday 8am-11:45am & 12:45pm-3pm 
Saturday 8am-12noon 
Veteran’s Day & the Friday after Thanksgiving 9am-1pm 

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at (973) 402-9460
Anthony Pisano,
Sep 12, 2017, 2:59 PM