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Snow Parking

Parking is prohibited between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, prevailing time, when the streets are covered with at least three inches of snow.  Snow is measured by the Shift Commander of the Boonton Police Department on the walkway in front of the flagpole at Town Hall on the Washington Street side.  Parking is prohibited for eight hours after the precipitation ends.  (See Chapter 201-29)

Removal of snow-covered and plowed-in vehicles

Parking is prohibited beyond 24 hours after the street has been plowed of snow.  The Police Department is authorized to have vehicles removed upon expiration of the 24 hours.  Evidence that the vehicle has not moved is if it is covered by snow and/or plowed-in with no indication that the vehicle's tires have run through the plowed snow around the vehicle. (See Chapter 201-30).

Snow and Ice Removal

There is a snow removal ordinance to help keep our sidewalks safe for walking during the winter.
If you are the owner or the person who takes care of a house, building or lot where there is a sidewalk, YOU MUST REMOVE SNOW FOR A WIDTH OF THREE FEET FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE SIDEWALK. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN THE FIRST 12 HOURS OF DAYLIGHT AFTER IT STOPS SNOWING.

Also, SIDEWALKS MUST BE KEPT CLEAR OF ICE OR MADE SAFE BY COVERING THE ICE WITH SAND OR SALT. DO NOT PUT SNOW OR ICE ONTO THE ROAD OR ANOTHER’S SIDEWALK OR PROPERTY. This is not allowed. THERE WILL BE FINES FOR EACH AND EVERY DAY THESE RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED.  If the Boonton D.P.W. must take care of a sidewalk because the owner or person in charge hasn’t, a lien will be placed against the property.  Thank you for making Boonton a safer place by taking care of the sidewalks.

Property foreclosures and renters

It has come to the New Jersey Public Advocate’s attention that some tenants are being inappropriately forced out of their homes when the building in which they are living has been foreclosed. Under NJ law, most tenants have the right to remain in their homes during and after a foreclosure.

Residential Rental Properties

Town Ordinances


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