Saturday 21st May
Bank Street Arts, Bank Street, Sheffield S1

10:00 - 18:00

 We live in a time of crisis. An economic crisis, an environmental crisis and, if the government gets its way, an impending social crisis. When the only thing that is on the political agenda is cuts, cuts and more cuts it is all the more important to explore the alternatives. And there is an alternative - anarchism.

 Anarchists argue we need a society ruled not by profit and greed but organised on the basis of social solidarity and human dignity
. If you’re a hardened political activist or just a bit “anarcho-curious” we welcome you to our second annual anarchist book fair. Events like this have run for years in cities from San Francisco to Zagreb. They’re a great starting point into the ideas, activism, ethics, creativity and history of the contemporary anarchist movement, with publishers comix, zines, film, art, food and fun stuff.

Download the book fair programme here

Anarchist Book Fairs of the World