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Maintenance Director

Bill Ellis, Maintenance Director
MSAD #6 Maintenance Department
207-648-7993 or

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           Why Does Facilities Maintenance Matter?

School facilities maintenance is concerned about more than just resource management. It is about providing clean and safe environments for children. It is also about creating a physical setting that is appropriate and adequate for learning. A classroom with broken windows and cold drafts doesn't foster effective student learning.

A sound facilities maintenance operation provides evidence that our school facilities are, and will be, cared for appropriately. An underfunded or negligent facilities maintenance program can cause real problems. Large capital investment can be squandered when buildings and equipment deteriorate or warranties become invalidated. Failing to maintain our school facilities adequately can discourage future public investment in our education system.

chool facilities maintenance affects the physical, educational, and financial foundation of the school organization and should, therefore, be a focus of both its day-to-day operations and long-range management priorities. When maintaining a school, we pay not only for bricks and mortar, but also student and staff well-being. Effective school maintenance protects capital investment, ensures the health and safety of our children, and supports educational performance.. Read More

Effective school facilities maintenance operations have...

Board Members and Administrators who:

Graphic of Checkmark recognize that facility maintenance contributes to the physical and financial well-being      of the organization
Graphic of Checkmark understand that school facility maintenance affects building appearance, equipment         operation, student and staff health, and student learning
Graphic of Checkmark appreciate that facility maintenance requires funding
Graphic of Checkmark acknowledge that strategic planning for facilities maintenance is a team effort that
     requires input and expertise from a wide range of stakeholders
Graphic of Checkmarkdemand appropriate implementation and evaluation of facilities maintenance plans

Teachers who:
Graphic of Checkmarkrecognize that facilities maintenance supports student learning
Graphic of Checkmarkeducate students about how to treat school facilities appropriately
Graphic of Checkmarkcommunicate their expectations for facilities as they relate to enhancing student              learning
Graphic of Checkmarktreat facilities with respect

Students who:
Graphic of Checkmarksee school facilities as their learning environment
Graphic of Checkmarktreat facilities with respect

Facilities staff who:
Graphic of Checkmarkunderstand a wide range of facilities operations and issues
Graphic of Checkmarkreceive training to improve their knowledge and skills related to facilities maintenance
Graphic of Checkmarkeducate school and district administrators about facility operations
Graphic of Checkmarkteach other staff how they can help with facilities maintenance
Graphic of Checkmarkcooperate effectively with policy-makers and budgetary decision-makers
Graphic of Checkmarkappreciate that facility maintenance decision-making is influenced by instructional           needs

Parents and community members who:
Graphic of Checkmarkrecognize that school facilities are the training grounds for future citizens and leaders
Graphic of Checkmarkrespect decision-making regarding school facility use and maintenance
Graphic of Checkmarkcontribute to school facility maintenance decision-making as requested
Graphic of Checkmark
consent to the financial obligations associated with good school facility maintenance