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 Student Services: (207) 929-3840

  • Fax: (866) 613-4451

  • Naviance is coming! To log into your account:

    1) Go to

    2) Your user name is your Bonny Eagle email address

    3) Your password is your student ID#

    Students can explore the program. but should wait to take any of the assessments with their Advisory class.

    If you would like to watch a video of what Naviance will look like and offer for students, click on this link (it's 11 minutes):

    Dear Bonny Eagle Community, 

    We are very excited to start sending out regular newsletters to our Bonny Eagle High School community to help foster stronger communication. Here in Student Services, formally known as the Guidance Office, we coordinate and manage many events and programs that have some kind of impact on our high school students. The image above is a snapshot of what we do and what we coordinate. Below, you will see some specific information for each grade level and some of the events or activities that will be coming up for them. At the bottom of the newsletter you will see the counselor alpha splits with our phone numbers and emails. If you ever have questions or concerns regarding your son’s or daughter’s education or personal issues, please let us know. 

    Exciting news!!! In order to better prepare students for high school and beyond, we have purchased an outstanding system called Naviance. It has a wealth of various tools that we will use to assist students with self-discovery, academic planning, career exploration, test preparation, and college preparation. In December, we will be starting with the freshmen class and then sophomores and juniors in January and February. It will take most of this year to get it up and running and to set up student accounts but we will keep you updated as we move along. 

    Our goal is to be sending out six newsletters per year, at the start and in the middle of each trimester. Be on the lookout for them so that you know what we are doing throughout the school year. In the mean time, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to let us know. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 


    The Student Services Team

    Student Service calendar and links to forms/resources:

    Alyssa Dolson
    School Counselor 
    Students A-Da
    (207-929-3840 x836

    Wendy Spaulding, Dept. Leader
    School Counselor
    Students De-Hi
    (207) 929-3840 x 822

    David Steckino
    School Counselor
    Students Ho-Ma 
    (207) 929-3840 x 821

    Tom Shann
    School Counselor
    Students Mc-Ro
    (207) 929- 3840 x 828

    Karen Wade
    School Counselor
    Students Ru-Z
    (207) 929-3840 x 819

    Cyndie Lane
    Drug & Alcohol Counselor
    (207) 929- 3840 x 927

    Melissa Bowie
    Alternative Ed School Social Worker
    (207) 929-9171 x 501

    Estelle Knight
    Administrative Assistant
    (207) 929-3840 x 816

    Dawn Staples
    Administrative Assistant
    (207) 929-3840 x 838

    Student Services Event Calendar

    Meeting a college rep is a valuable experience all students should take advantage of.  If you would like to meet with a college rep during their visit please click the link and sign up with Mrs. Staples or your school counselor.  

    College Admissions Counselors

    The BEHS Student Services department is now using to schedule visits for the fall. Please login to Repvisits to set up an appointment. Thank you!

    Trimester 3/End of Year Student Services Newsletter

    posted May 16, 2019, 7:41 AM by Dawn Staples

    Honor Roll Trimester 2 2018-19

    posted Jan 15, 2019, 10:33 AM by Dawn Staples   [ updated May 16, 2019, 9:09 AM ]

    Honor Roll Trimester 2


    Freshmen High Honors


    Scarlett Akey, Monique Alexander, Alexis Barrett, Ken Beaumier, Andrew Belanger, Kristina Berry, Paige Bois, Cassidy Brooks, Emma Burnham, Macey Cabral, Nicole Cameron, Meaghan Champagne, Chelsey Chase, Erica Cornejo, Delanie Daigle, Kelsey Daniels, Elizabeth Dyer, Marissa Falkner, Olivia Flowers, Elizabeth Forestiere, Contessa Frazzita, Michael Gervais, Mark Goncharov, Serena Greene, Shayla Harriman, Allison Hegarty, Delaney Hesler, Thomas Horton, Colibrianna Howe,  Emily Jackson, Nico Jalbert, Koby Johnson, Summer Knight, Teighan Koch, Maximus Koons, Remy Levin, Solveig Marles, Zachariah Oja, Allie Pearson, Emmaline Pendleton, Isabella Pothier, Laysse Reynolds, Audrey Ricker, Courtney Rollins, Gavin Ruginski, Elise Ruona, Piper Saunders, Gabrielle Sawyer, Julianna Scott, Veronica Shore, Chloe Smith, Emily Sperrey, Hannah Stevens, Drew Sullivan, Annelyse Warner, Jacob Warren, Brooklyn Wessell, Cadence Whitehouse, Timothy Zidle


    Freshmen Honors


     Gage Ahlemeyer, Jack Allen, McKenzi Allen, Loghan Aycock, John Bickford, Olivia Brown, Kelly Bruns, Carli Carman, Ian Casey, Carmyn Chase, Justin Couturier, Rachel Craig, Drew Cummings, Stefan Deptula, Anthony Dippolito, Zachary Fahie, Grace Franklin, Cameron Frost, Brianna Gannett, Sydney Gaudet, Cameron Ginter, Taylor Girard, Olivia Gouzie, Jack Hanson, Lily Harmon, Mitchell Havu, Abigail Healy, Hope Higgins, Deanna Ireland, Anthony Johnson, Kadie Klehn, Nikolas Klein,  Gage Knudsen, Austin Komulainen, Maxwell Laforest, Elle-TroiAnn LaVanway, Tessa Lemay, Lucy Lewis, Amanda Libby, Nathalie Libby, Vincent Lin, Owen Luedders, Cole Macpherson, Arthur Marciano, Natalie Matthews, Hailee McAvoy, Jacob McDonald, William Milne, Nathan Morse, Kaylei Myers, Zachary Neptune, Sydney Noble, Emily Osterreider, Jeffrey Painchaud, Kassidy Palmer, Lindsey Palmer, Aaliyah Paul, Brett Pelletier, Rachel Prejean, Grace Quinn, Bruce Rae, Alexis Randall, David Rankin, Kaitlyn Regan, Matthew Revie, Ethan Robbins, Matthew Ronco, Zachary Roy, Mason Ryan, Hailey Ryan, Nicholas Ryder, Molly Sawyer, Jace Sellick,  Ryan Sharples, Alexia Shevenell, Kasidie Smith, Aiden Strout, John Stuckey, Hayes Sweeney, Cole Tompson, Gabriel Walker, Connor Whelchel, Rachele Zheng



    Sophomore High Honors


    Sophia Alexander, Michael Ames, Emily Bartash, Gretchen Biegel, Sabrina Cable, Baylee Call, Nathan Chamberland, Madison Chayer, Dylan Childs, Myah Cobb, Camryn Conti, Nolan Davis, Bode Daycoombs, Sage Drinkwater, Ella Dunne, Brendan Dunphy, Sarah Durocher, Hannah Ebert, Garison Emerson, Lauren Esty, Meghan Fahie, Samantha Farwell, Carter Gagnon, Sarah Geaumont, Lydia Gilbert, Avery Goan, Jackson Godsey, Delia Havu, Jacob Humphrey, Avery Kimball, Hailey Koons, Mia Kovacs, Samuel Kovacs, Katelynn Leblanc, Noelle Lewis, Brandon Maloney, Jocelyn Manson, Tugg Marles, Anthony Mason, Caelen Merrill, Nicole Norman, Madison Oliver, Ethan Pike, Jada Richard, Bella Ryder, Joseph Skvorak, Elizabeth St. Arnaud, Matthew Steeves, Gabriel Stokes, John Sullivan, Megan Twombly, Marlee Walker, Channing Webber.



    Sophomore Honors


    Keegan Aycock, Madison Bennett, Olivia Berube, Brianna Boucher, Liberty Boutin, Dustin Brewer, Zachary Brislin, Tyler Cawley, Julianna Czachor, Anthony Dorokhin, John Dugan, Emma Ebert, Jaylen Edwards, Zander Foster, Anthony Frazzitta, Colby Frost, Ethan Hall, Gabrielle Halterman, Cody Harmon, Owen Harmon. Tayte Harris, Kaylie Hatch, Benjmin Hulit, Iver Iverson, Alison Jones, Hannah Kaspereen, Elias Leblanc, Jasmine Leshane, Cameron Libby, Kody Libby, Laura Libby, Kennedy Libby, Rebecca Marshall, Slade McCall, Aidan McCleary, Cory McKenzie, Arianna Mejias, Benjamin Monnig, Ryan Mullen, Nicole Newcomb, Abigail Nickerson, Emily Nutter, Spring Parsons, Lucas Paul, Lillian Perkins, Katelyn Piche, Danielle Poitras, Lauren Pride, Kaitlyn Race, Cameron Reynolds, Cassidy Rollins, Madison Rowe, Ethan Russell, Nathan Russell, Thomas Sampson, Hayden Sargent, Zachary Schumacher, Elijah Seavey, Chara Sterling, Caleb Strout, Marissa Tarbox, Jordan Tardif, Kyle Thompson, Alanah Tuohey, Elizabeth Turnbull, Brian Wakem, Christopher Westgate, Parker Williams, Isabelle Ylonen.



    Junior High Honors


    Emma Abbott, Savannah Adams, Madison Boothby, Shaun Brilliant Jr., Brooke Carman, Jesse Charette, Madison Cole, Heidi Corbeil, Ilenia DeLucia, Aubrey Denico, Samantha Dery, Chloe Falkner, Brenna Finn, Mikayla Freeman, Daniel Hess, Dillon Hiltz, Logan Hiltz, Athen Hollis, Chloe Malmquist, Hannah Milne, Kiara Morse, Emma Noonan, Amanda Osmolski, Isabella Osterrieder, Dylan Roberts, Randi Robinson, Ian Ruona, Yune Sawamukai, Kaitlyn Silva, Benjamin Sullivan, Samuel Tevanian, Jason Warren, Ryan White.


    Junior Honors


    Benjamin Atkinson, Molly Austin, Haley Beaulieu, John Bonica, Natalie Breault,  Brooke Brofee, Gabrielle Bruns, Tabitha Burgess, Austin Couturier, Kailee Cummings, Gabriel Daniels, Kaitlyn Depeter, Evan Dorler, Alexander Dyer,

    Nathan Floerchinger, Andrew Grant, Chase Graves, Ryan Hale, Abigail Hanscome, William Horton, Grady Jackson, Savanna Jackson, Meghan James, John Johnson, Madison Johnson, Anna Keenan, Valerie Lind, Jacob Marean, Haley Marsico, Devin Maynard, Johnathan Merrill, Tanner Meserve, Gianna Micucci, Sydney Morrissette, Olivia Napolitano, Emily Palmer, Cody Plumley,  Connor Prentiss, Nicole Printy, Tyler Rench-Dalrymple, Alexis Rice, Michelina Ruggieri, Colby Sanborn, Aidan Saunders, Zeke Sturgeon, Austin Thompson, Madeline Thompson, Shawn Toderico, Justin Tomison, Zavier Walker, Forrest Watson, Aiden Willey, Ella Woodbury



    Senior High Honors


    Samantha Averill, Lindsey Baldwin, Lauren Bearor, Ami Beumier, Molly Black, Hannah Corbett, Mya Daniels, Selena Douglas Sarah Dube, Hunter Goodale, Alexis Grant, Cassidy Grass, Ethan Hamilton, Patrick Hussey, Taylor Johnson, Amanda Kennie, Cassidy Koons, Charles Lamkin, Elsa Libby, Makhosazana Maphalala, Regan McCleary, Aidan McGlone, Cassandra Morin, Julia Morin, Abigail Nelson, Kinsey Oliver, Sydney Owen, Andrew Pendleton, Gabriella Profenno, Kayla Raymond, Ian Reilly, Alysse Stone, Mark Tanner, Christine Toy, Austin Voshall, Erin Willey, Kelvin Zheng


    Senior Honors


    Amelia Alexander, Hunter Braun, David Byrne, Dylan Cobbett, Ashley Connors, Mackenzie Emery, Sarah Fitzpatrick, Elyssa Franklin, Sydney Gillingham, Hana Harrison, Khyler Hart, William Hendrix, Brianna Houser, Tayler Jacobs, Ian Jarvis, Dakota Keenan, Leslie Keating, Olivia Lapointe, Jacob Libby, Kanani Lopes, Madeline Love, Ashley Mains, David Maloney, Catherine Marean, Cassandra Marshall, Cameron Michelson, Samantha Michelson, Miranda Morneault, Robert Myslik, Rylan Neal, Mya Nichols, Ethan Page, Autumn Paquette, Zackary Ross, Amber Russell, Elizabeth Ryder, Devon Sargent,  Derek Selberg, Emma Steinbuchel, Keelin Sweeney, Julia Swett, Quentin Volpe, Emma Walker, Hunter Ward, Lucy Weyand, Julia Zampini, Max Zygaldo

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