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Welcome to Integrated Math I!  
    We have included a course description of this new series of higher mathematics.  This pathway bridges the concepts between the math courses, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.  In the past, the traditional path kept concepts in isolation, and thereby making connections difficult.  This pathway is highly recommended by the national counsel of mathematics and widely preferred by the higher universities.  

Bonita Unified

Integrated Pathway  The courses in the Integrated Pathway present mathematics as a coherent subject by strengthening concepts in one conceptual category through related standards in another conceptual category. Connections will be made between algebra, geometry and statistics throughout the courses. State standardized testing will assess students on standards taught in Integrated I, Integrated II and Integrated III. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all three courses in the Integrated Pathway to meet the requirements for UC / CSU admission.

 Integrated I  Students will investigate relationships between quantities, linear and exponential relationships, reasoning with equations, descriptive statistics, congruence, proof and constructions. The critical topics will deepen and extend student understanding by connecting concepts to the real world using mathematical modeling.

Students will be able to:

·        Reason quantitatively

·        Explain and justify the processes used in solving problems

·        Communicate mathematical understanding through the use of multiple representations

·        Develop and extend strategies to transition from application of concepts to theoretical reasoning

This course is aligned with the California State Standards and meets the “C” mathematics requirement for              UC / CSU admission.