4.0.4 Old Status Reports

October 2014

Following our public meeting on 18th September, with professional advice, we have been finalising the Site Sustainability Assessment Matrix.  Many thanks to all the Bolney residents who provided feedback.

On Thursday, 6th November between 8pm and 10pm, all residents are urged to come to the Village Chapel in Top Street, to help select the housing numbers and locations to be included in the draft Neighbourhood Plan, for the period to April 2031;

Displays showing the performance of each proposed site against the finalised sustainability matrix, and other information, will be available for viewing.  There will also be opportunities to ask questions and receive explanations before making your decisions.

If you cannot come to the chapel on 6th November, there is an alternative session at the Eight Bells from 9.30am to 11.30am on 7th November.

Documents shown at the meeting will be loaded onto www.bolney.com (click on 'Neighbourhood Plan'), on 7th November, for responses to be sent in by email.

All comment must be received by the end of 20th November 2014.

It is important to finalise location and numbers of housing so that we can progress with the next step in the creation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan. 
Once it is published, we will consult on the plan with Bolney residents and other relevant parties.  The responses will provide valuable input to our draft
Neighbourhood Development Plan. Responses will be considered and then during 2015 the final plan will be issued followed by a Referendum of the
Bolney residents on the electoral roll. Once passed by the referendum it will become a powerful component in planning decisions at Mid Sussex and

August 2014
We are close to completing our extensive information gathering exercise for the various development sites which have been put forward for consideration for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  However there are far more houses contained in the proposals than you have told us you want to see built in Bolney  The right numbers and the right locations will need to be selected.  We would like you to be involved in that selection.

We are progressing the selection criteria which will be used to determine the best sites to meet Bolney Parish's housing and other needs.  In late August we will publish the selection criteria for your comments.  Your views will enable us to make the right decisions for Bolney.  You will also have an opportunity to comment on our selection criteria at our meeting at 8pm on Thursday 18th September.  We will then complete and publicise our site selections.  These will form a major part of our Neighbourhood Development Plan.

A consideration for us is the recently advised Mid Sussex District Council indicative housing need figure of 82 houses to be built in Bolney during the 17 years between April 2014 and March 2031.  This is based on recent Department for Communities and Local Government population projections and this figure may change when estimated household sizes are published in the autumn.  After allowing for 19 planning permissions granted for houses likely to be completed in the period, the remaining need would be for 63 additional homes that should be provided in Bolney.

April 2014
We have held the Residents' Survey Drop-In sessions and have issued a 'Call for Sites';  there will be a public meeting on Saturday 31st May to hear from potential developers and to ask them questions.

March 2014
We have developed analyses of the residents' survey, and the comments received as part of it.  These will be presented and explained to all at 'drop-in' sessions to be held in April.

February 2014
The business survey has been distributed to 150 businesses located in Bolney.  The residents' survey is currently being analysed and the results will be presented to, and discussed with Bolney's residents.  The BNDP Core Team would like to thank all residents who returned the survey;  over 40% were returned which compares very favourably with other neighbourhood plan areas, and will give our planning proposals with more weight when they are produced.

January 2014
The residents' survey was distributed to all people on the Electoral Roll over the weekend of 11th/12th January.  Responses are due by 25th January via the stamped, addressed envelope provided with the survey,  Everyone is urged to send in theirs to provide the plan with the maximum credibility.

A separate survey will soon be distributed to the businesses operating in Bolney parish.

December 2013
The design of the survey (questionnaire) has been completed, ready for printing and distribution to all voters in Bolney in January 2014.

November 2013
Second drafts have been produced of the Quesionnaire and the State of the Parish report;  a draft has been produced of the separate business survey.  Public engagement events have been held at the Youth Club and the Village Chapel.   Another will be held at the Bolney Stage on Wednesday 20th November between 6pm and 9pm.

October 2013
More public engagement events have been held at THe Eight Bells and the Primary School.  Work is continuing on the State of the Parish report and the draft Questionnaire.

September 2013

A further public engagement event was held on 20 September 2013 at the Pavilion Cafe.

Plans progressed for further public engagement events.

Presentation of their services by Action in Rural Sussex (AiRS)

Researched statistics on key matters for inclusion in our plan, and obtained Bolney Community Profile Pack which will also be usable by Bolney Parish Council.

Work continued on State of the Parish report.

August 2013

Registration completed for Grant payment and direct support from My Community Rights

Work started on State of the Parish report.

July 2013

Training by reading

Draft project documentation prepared but not final

June 2013

Web pages set up as part of www.bolney.com.  Email address bolneyndp@gmail.com set up.

BNDP budget agreed by Bolney Parish Council.

Slaugham parish councillor attended a Core Team meeting to share their experience.

Mid Sussex, Claire Tester attended Core Team meeting to explain MSDC Planning role, support service and requirements

Village Day public engagement held on 29 June 2013 to gather initial steer on Bolney view.

May 2013

Core Team established (Meetings are held every two weeks, currently in the Rawson SMall Hall - all Bolney residents are welcome to attend).

April 2013

Two public meetings held by Bolney Parish Council to ask for volunteers to form a Core Team.