7th Grade Texas History

7th Grade TEXAS History



Welcome to 7th Grade TEXAS History! This course is a study of TEXAS from the period of Discovery to Exploration to Present Day TEXAS.



·        Geography               Exploration             Settlement

·        Missions to Early Life in Texas

·        Road to Revolution          Life in the Republic

·        Western Expansion          Civil War      Indian Wars

·        Oil Boom to The Great Depression

·        World War II to Cold War





Pen / Pencils

Folder  /  Paper




Major Grades:  Tests / Projects  (Usually 3 to 4 per Six Weeks)

Daily Grades:    Daily Quizes / Classroom work / Class participation

                                                      (Usually @ 10-15 per Six Weeks)

8th Grade American History

8th Grade AMERICAN History


This class is an Exploration into the Birth and development of America with special focus on the geography, economy, Government, military, foreign affairs and the people who help shape our new nation.


·        Roots of America

·        Revolutionary Era

·        The Republic

·        Expansion

·        Division and Reunion

·        Today





Pen / Pencil

Folder / Paper




Major Grades: Tests and Projects (Usually 3 to 4 per 6 weeks)


Daily Grades:  Daily Quizes  Classroom Work  Class Participation

                                    (Usually 10 to 15 per 6 weeks )