Podcasting Links

Resources on Podcast Use in Education

  1. Extending the lecture, Precasts and Postcasts: http://arstechnica.com/articles/culture/moving-beyond-podcasts.ars
  2. Future Learning Landscapes: Transforming Pedagogy through Social Software: http://innovateonline.info/index.php?view=article&id=539&action=article (Innovate is a free online journal but you do have to register to access the articles). What is particularly noteworthy in this article is an exhibit with links to examples of podcasts used in higher education. I've created a copy of the Exhibit(3) here: http://edteki.com/podcasting/examples.htm -Kerry

Voice mail messages & phone calls

It is very easy to include voice mail messages in your upodcast. Several free and pay services are available that will give you a phone number where listeners can leave messages, and those messages can be sent to you via email. Sound quality varies based on the service.
  1. BSU phones: Michael told us that OIT will set up your office phone to record messages and have them sent to your email. Again, I have not done this, but will soon!
  2. http://www.k7.net This service is easy to set up and callers can leave message for you, which are sent to your email. Go to this site to set up your account
  3. Skype: You can record conversations in Skype. I've not done this yet, but need to. Anyone who has info on this or has done it, could you please add to this?
  4. Google Talk: On a PC you can install the full version of Google Talk and people can send you voice mails which are delivered to your Google email account as mp3 files.

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