What IS a podcast? A podcast is an audio file with special coding that allows you to subscribe to it, bringing the podcast episodes directly to your Podcasts link in iTunes.

Do I need to have an iPod to listen to podcasts? No. You can listen to podcasts on your computer through iTunes.

If I have Windows can I still install iTunes? Yes. Apple has Windows 2000 / XP / Vista versions of iTunes available for free download off their website http://www.apple.com/itunes.

Will I have to pay to access Boise State on iTunes U? No. You may freely preview and download all of the content.

Can I access Boise State on iTunes U directly without first opening a browser? No. At this time you will need to login to Boise State on iTunes U through https://itc.boisestate.edu/itunesu

Can I use iTunes to create a podcast? No. You will need an audio editing program, such as Audacity or GarageBand (Apple computers).

The podcast has images, but they do not appear when I play it. How can I see them? In iTunes, click on the View menu. Then click on the Show Artwork option. You can also activate this option by pressing Apple-G on a Mac or Ctrl-G on a PC. The images will appear in the lower left corner of the iTunes window. You may open the images in a new pop-up window by clicking on the image.

What does it mean to subscribe to a podcast? This is a way you can have content delivered to you through iTunes. When you select the Subscribe button for a podcast, that podcast and any new episodes will be available for you to download when you select the Podcasts link on your iTunes library. You don't have to go to your course link in iTunes U once you subscribe to a podcast "feed," but instead can download content through your Podcasts in iTunes.

I can see other people's playlist in my iTunes. Did someone hack into my computer? No. iTunes features the ability to stream other people's music from their playlists. You may not, however, transfer these files to your computer.

Can I connect my iPod to other people's computers and download their music? No. Your iPod can only synch with one music library at a time. So unless you would like to completely reformat your iPod to synch to another computer, it cannot be done.

Will I be able to use other mp3 players with iTunes? Yes and no. There is some support in iTunes for some third party players, but they will not be able to play AAC files (including songs from the iTunes Store). Apple offers a full line of iPod products and accessories which will give you the best digital experience.