Podcasting Resources/Tutorials

Apple Podcasting in Education Series
This website includes introductory videos on what podcasting is and how it is being used, mainly in K-12. It's pretty basic, but might be a great resource for your students, when introducing them to podcasting. Take a look and comment on this, add info as you wish.

University of Illinois at Springfield Podcasting Resources
This is a really good site, although it needs some updating on using iTunes. Peruse this site to get ideas on how podcasts are used in education.

iTunes U (Apple site)
Great starting point for learning more about iTunes U. Offers tabs focused on faculty, administrators, students, so take a look and see if you can use any of this for yourself or students.

iTunes 7 download
This page includes a link to download iTunes to your computer, plus a multitude of links on how to create a podcast, especially using Apple products.
Here is the list of links included on this page: