Getting Started with iTunes U

(Please note: This information is preliminary and will be confirmed shortly.)

Podcasts at Boise State may be used for either general public information such as promotional materials, guest lectures, public events, or for delivering course content (lectures, videos, even digital print materials) to registered students.

A Step-by-Step Faculty Guide to Setting up your BSU on iTunes U Account

  1. Determine who will be responsible for maintaining your Boise State on iTunes U podcast course. BSU on iTunes U content may be maintained by one or more individuals, so long as they have an BroncoWeb user ID.

    Two Primary "Roles" are allocated for maintaining Boise State on iTunes U content:

    • The "Instructor" Role has full editing privileges, including organizing the structure, content, and graphics of a Boise State on iTunes U Course/Area.
    • The "TA" Role has the ability to upload and delete content in pre-defined areas designated by the Instructor
    • BronwoWeb ID's are required for roles of Instructor and TA within Boise State on iTunes U
  2. Request your Boise State on iTunes U Course using the BSU Course Request online web form located at (Page not yet available.)
  3. Access to Boise State on iTunes U Courses

    Instructor/TA Editing

    • Once your Boise State on iTunes U Course has been created, you may access it for Editing and for Uploading Content using the login page at
    • As either an Instructor or TA you will be able to Edit your BSU on iTunes U Course and Upload content using the provided links with Boise State on iTunes U Course that will only appear to Instructors and TA's.
    • Additionally, as an Instructor you may select the "Edit Page" links and the "Edit Access" links which provide additional tools for adjusting the organizational structure, graphics, and access to your BSU on iTunes U Course.

    Student Viewing/Downloading of Content

    • Students will also need to login to BSU on iTunes U through the login page at
    • Students will be able to submit content ready for upload to iTunes U to a designated Student Technology Assistant.
    • Additionally, you may place a link directly to your BSU on iTunes U Course on any web page (e.g., within Blackboard) which will take students directly to your content after their identity (their BroncoWeb ID has been verified. (Tip: Right Click on any content within an Boise State on iTunes U Course to "Copy iTunes URL" to obtain the link to be placed in an external web page)