Engineering Education Research to Practice

Photo Linda Huglin
  Photo Steve Villachica
Dr. Don Plumlee, PI
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Linda Huglin, Co-PI
Instructional Performance
& Technology

Dr. Steve Villachica, Co-PI
Instructional Performance
& Technology

Period: Oct. 1, 2010 - Sept. 30, 2013
Award: $150,000


This engineering education research project seeks to create a "sounding board" to involve a broad spectrum of stakeholders drawn from across the university to oversee curriculum development and change efforts. The hypothesis of this project is, in brief, that engaging a large number of peers who are invested in the curriculum will promote wider faculty adoption of effective teaching methods. The PI will validate the idea of a sounding board by creating a test-bed for the course redesign process which integrates a variety of performance improvement processes.

The broader significance and importance of this project will arise from the PI's investigations of the barriers to wider adoption of effective engineering pedagogies. If successful, this project can increase buy-in to course redesign efforts and identify potential concerns of stakeholders to comprehensive curriculum reform. The data obtained can inform the STEM community of potential barriers to broad adoption. If the sounding board model is successful the idea is potentially transferable to other programs.

See official NSF site for Award 1037808


BSU College of Engineering
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Dept. of Instructional Performance & Technology