General Information about this Lesson Plan site

If you prefer to see how these lessons address the National Core Standards, you will want to go to our alternative lesson plan site:

These pages contain Idaho SySTEMic lessons designed by Meridian District teachers for specific Meridian District standards.  Those standards can be found at the following website:  
The lessons here have been organized by general topic, although many of the lessons are multi-topic lessons and can be used for a variety of purposes.  These are the latest versions by our teacher-writers, reflecting three years of classroom experience and including Meridian District reporting topics.
You will find lessons listed under the titles ENGINEERING,  MATH, SCIENCE,  SOCIAL STUDIES, and  LANGUAGE ARTS.  The engineering lessons follow math and social studies standards.

An important new update for this site is our library of classroom videos.  These were made during classroom observations in 2010-2011, and show some possible ways in which children interact with the BrickLab and their curriculum.  The entire group of videos is listed here, and we invite you to have a look.
Idaho SySTEMic Video Links
The Videos are also embedded into the first part of each grade level lesson page, and can also be accessed from the associated lesson plans.  Enjoy!
The Idaho SySTEMic Solutions Research Project has produced a number of interesting and informative scholarly papers.  Check out this list and try some of the links: 
The materials supplied by PCS Edventures! ®  to participating teachers also offer a variety of interesting and enjoyable lessons, many of which are not shown here.  They can be found in the written and digital materials from PCS and on the PCS Edventures! ® website