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Foundations of Educational Technology

Theoretical Schools
  • Major Schools of Thought: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Motivation, Constructivism:
    Check The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

    The Encyclopaedia of Informal Education (INFED): Learning Theory
  • Student-Centered Learning Environments
    Learning Theories and Instructional Strategies - University of Georgia
  • Discovery Learning  Jerome Bruner:Constructivism & Discovery Learning
  • Instructional Models
    Conole, G., Dyke, M., Oliver, M., & Seale, J. (2004, August). Mapping pedagogy and tools for effective learning design. Computers & Education, 43(1/2), 17. Retrieved January 26, 2009, doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2003.12.018
  • Andragogy vs. Pedagogy
    Robert Barton Blog

    Marcia Connor, Ageless Learner Website
  • Social Learning Theory and Web-Based Learning Environments
    Hill, Janette R.
    (04/2009). "Social Learning Theory and Web-Based Learning Environments: A Review of Research and Discussion of Implications.". The American journal of distance education (0892-3647), 23 (2), p. 88.
  • Situating Constructionism.  Papert, Seymour
  • Situating the Zone of Proximal Development
    George E. Marsh II, Ed.D.
    John J. Ketterer, Ed.D. 
  • The Legacy of Robert Gagne. An online version of the book by Rita Richey. Includes original articles by Gagne. 
  • Works by Seymour Papert, Phd. Links to some of the online writings of Seymour Papert. Includes many short articles about constructionism and children learning. There are a few broken links.

  • Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
Gardner, Howard E. (2003). "Multiple Intelligences After Twenty Years."
Guignon, Anne. (1998). "Multiple Intelligences: A Theory for Everyone."
Peariso, James F. (2008). "Multiple Intelligences or Multiply Misleading:
The Critic’s View of the Multiple Intelligences Theory."
Christodoulou, J. (2009, February). "APPLYING Multiple Intelligences."  School Administrator, 66(2), 22-26.
  • An Online Social Constructivist Tool: A Secondary School Experience in the Developing World                                                                                                       A link to a journal about the success of online learning with the view of a social constructivist.

Lesson plan examples
Introduction Videos on Learning Theorists
Applied Practice

Safety On The Internet
  • Kids Health & Safety
             CyberSmart: Internet Safety Curriculum
             Safekids: Internet Safety & Civility
Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Teens

WiredSafety: Internet Safety, Help, & Education Resource

US Department of Education Office of Educational Technology, Internet Safety