Welcome to our Wikibook Theories of Educational Technology!  This book was created by Dr. Kerry Rice’s Spring, 2009 Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology class at Boise State University.  Graduate students in educational technology collaborated to write, edit, and create this Wikibook.  The various papers discuss how traditional learning theories have influenced educational technology, the theoretical positions that underlie current approaches to educational technology, and how perceptions of educational technology have been influenced by learning theories.  Established theories as well as new and emerging theories of learning and their relationship to online learning, teaching with technology, mobile technology, and higher level learning are discussed.  These theories include constructivism, social constructivism, behaviorism, transformative, activity theory, transactional distance theory, cognitive theory of multimedia learning, social cognition, Piagetian theory, situated cognition, distributed cognition and socially-shared cognition, transactional distance theory, transformative learning theory and connectivism.  These papers reflect a real attempt at bridging theory and practice to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of theory as it applies to educational technology as a learning tool in the classroom. 


Carmelina Sears 

Glori Hinck

Chris Florez


It is my honor to showcase and share with you this collection of research articles examining classic and contemporary theories of learning and their applications in educational technology. Through collaborative inquiry, graduate students in my course develop a foundation of past and present learning theories with an understanding of their relationship to the ever-changing landscape of educational technology. They also focus on how those theories relate to their own philosophy of education through reflection and collective contributions to a class timeline, wiki resource collection and class glossary.

Dr. Kerry Rice
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University

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