Welcome to an online publication by the EDTECH 504 class from spring semester 2009. It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce the works of these students and to invite the reader to explore various learning theories and how they might (or not) apply to educational technology and its constant evolution. These students explored readings throughout the semester on learning theories, focusing on emerging student-centered learning. The main class textbook, Theoretical Foundations of Learning Environments, fueled students' background knowledge and provided insights into current and evolving practices of teaching and theory.

Students explored the evolution of learning theory with the development of educational technology through the collaborative construction of a timeline, using the free, web-based software, xtimeline. Check out our collaborative timeline:

Students also built collaborative resources using a wiki within our Moodle course interface, contributed to a class glossary, and led/participated in lively discussions focused on current topics in the course. The discussion forums provided a rich resource from which to write and reflect upon current and future teaching practices. Each student maintained a personal learning journal as a personal communication vehicle between the instructor and student. It was a very intensive course, with learning centered on the student and subject, rather than on the teacher as the central repository of all knowledge.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I present this collection of excellent writing from this class. Please read and provide feedback as needed to me, Barbara Schroeder:

Dr. Barbara Schroeder
Department of Educational Technology
Boise State University