Guests – a person who renders a service to the University or to whom the university wishes to extend goodwill and who is present at a university business meeting, entertainment event or other activity at the invitation of a university employee authorized to host the event. Typically guests are students, visiting speakers, employees of outside state agencies or satellite campuses, or other individuals not employed by Boise State University.

Meal – a catered or restaurant provided breakfast, lunch, or dinner for which employees, students, or other individuals are present for the purpose of conducting substantial and bona fide University business.

Programmatic activities – student activities including student orientation programs, student government, club or organization meetings, or similar student-centered functions that serve a university business purpose.

Refreshments – coffee and other beverages, snacks, hors d’oeuvres, pastries, cookies, crackers, chips, fruit, etc.

Retreats – retreats typically involve all-day work or training sessions held off campus for the purpose of strategic or operational planning or for faculty, staff or student development. Amusement, recreational or social activities do not qualify as retreats subject to certain exceptions within this policy.