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The Teacher Education Programs at Boise State University are designed to promote the continual development of teachers with an emphasis on increasing P-12 student learning, understanding, and development. The programs provide candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for beginning teachers. Candidates have multiple opportunities to teach in P-12 classroom situations, which include working with diverse student populations.Inquiry into all experiences from a variety of perspectives fosters the self-analysis and evaluation skills essential for continued professional development. Throughout this website, you will find documents and links that should help you, the professional year teacher candidate at Boise State University, on your journey.

Boise State University College of Education’s conceptual framework, “The Professional Educator,” establishes our shared vision in preparing educators to work effectively in P-12 schools. It provides direction for programs, courses, teaching, candidate performance, scholarship, service, and accountability.

The Professional Educator
Boise State University strives to develop knowledgeable educators who integrate complex roles and dispositions in the service of diverse communities of learners. Believing that all children, adolescents, and adults can learn, educators dedicate themselves to supporting that learning. Using effective approaches that promote high levels of student achievement, educators create environments that prepare learners to be citizens who contribute to a complex world. Educators serve learners as reflective practitioners, scholars and artists, problem solvers, and partners.

Idaho Core Teaching Standards
Idaho Core Teaching Standards can be found on the Idaho State Department of Education's Website: http://www.sde.idaho.gov/site/ics/