ULO Assessment

We are launching the first phase of our ULO Assessment Plan for the Foundational Studies Program. 

We are taking a Developmental Evaluation (Patton, 2010) approach to building the Assessment plan.  What this means is that we will build the plan in phases, using the “findings” from each phase to move forward. The first question for our assessment plan is to evaluate the course designs (with embedded assessment) and rubrics that were put in place in the last year. 

The Assessment Plan is ultimately intended to support Goal 1 of the Strategic Plan, "Create a signature, high-quality educational experience for all students."

The Purpose of ULO Assessment in Foundational Studies

Eleven University Learning Outcomes are the centerpiece of the Boise State University Foundational Studies Program.  A transparent system for assessing these learning outcomes will foster understanding of our students’ progress toward mastery, fuel collaboration across the curriculum and support our institutional goals for students’ success. Therefore, it is our purpose to establish a highly flexible assessment plan that is related to these purposefully crafted University Learning Outcomes.  The assessment plan will continue to evolve with insights gleaned from analysis of student learning and reflection on the assessment process.

Disciplinary Learning Outcomes

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