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Actual feedback received from students about their conflict coaching experience.

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2010/12: Conflict Coaching helped me develop my communication skills. It taught me how to get my points across in a way that the other person would understand it and be willing to work at it. (Female, Sophomore, Civil engineering) 
2011/11: I have personally gained so much from learning the conflict coaching process. It has helped me to see my own conflicts form a larger perspective as I work through the process. The biggest asset however is that I have used it with my own kids. When my kids come to me with a problem, I now have the tools to walk them through and see things clearer so that they make healthy decisions in handling their conflict. It is exciting to think they are learning this at an early age, so it will be second nature to them as they become adults. ….Female, Senior, Sociology Major. 
2011/04: The start of the year was very hard for me. I was struggling with juggling homework, work, and social life. With Conflict Coaching, she helped me outline my week into specified hour segments that detailed what I must do in order to succeed. Through this detailed schedule, I was able to fully see where i needed to change bad habits. Plus she helped me find better study techniques and gave me information on the writing lab and counseling services. Just to have someone, individually, help me answer questions and find information was very helpful. I believe these services are very nice especially because the administration and information desks are very intimidating. Conflict coaching is more personable and caring. (Female, Freshman, General Studies) 
2011/03: At first I was skeptical about taking to a stranger about my conflict... but it came to the point that I was ready to try anything. The first meeting was very informal and i felt like i was talking to an old friend, after we got to know each other a little better the next meeting addressed my conflict. at first i just talked about how the stress was hurting my grades keeping me up at night and eventually ended a relationship i was in. i wasn't sure what it was exactly that was breaking me down. but together we came to the conclusion it was a combination of my dead beat sister a roommate who didn't pay her share and the responsibility of pets that were not mine. once we found the problem we were better able to figure out the best approach to working through it. my coach was never pushy judgmental or rude she simply helped me come up with my own solutions showed me how to utilize them and gave me the moral support to follow through with it. i am so glad i talked with a Conflict Coach about my conflict, other wise i would have dropped out this semester not only ruined my relationship with my x but potentially my sister and roommate. with her help i was able to work out a solution everyone was happy with and i am glad to say we have been living together better than ever!!! 
2011/02: I thought meeting with a Conflict coach was very helpful. She gave me really good tips and crucial information to help me with my conflict. I suggest that no matter what your conflict is, go to a Conflict Coach so they can help you through it step by step. (Female, Freshman, Nursing major) 
2011/01: The Conflict Coaching Progam helped me beyond what I could have imagined. I was comfortable discussing my situation and appreciated being helped while thinking through how I could solve the problem. It was overall very beneficial and has helped me in my life a whole lot. (Male, Freshman, General Studies) 
2011/11: 1. Conflict Coaching made my problem seem manageable and gave me a deadline to confront the person I was in conflict with, knowing I was going to meet with my conflict coach again…..Male, Junior, General Studies Major . 
2011/11: 1. Conflict Coaching has helped me to better address and deal with conflicts in my personal life and minimize my stress as a full time student and sole custodial parent of four children. I have learned different techniques that have not only helped me, but also helped me to teach my children to handle conflict in a positive, confident manner…..Female, Senior, General Studies, Emphasis on Healthcare Administration/Business. 
2011/11: 1. Conflict Coaching has helped me manage conflict better and organize myself emotionally. This helps me in school, work, and all my personal relationships. My communication skills have improved tenfold. Even family and friends have told me they see me handling conflict 100% better……. Female, Senior, Sociology major. 
Showing 9 items