How long do fingerprints take to clear?

        Fingerprints take 7-10 business days to clear. Sometimes prints are quicker and sometimes longer depending on the State Dept.of Ed.

 Do I have to wait to attend the Certified Teacher Training Class before I can sub?

        You will not be able to sub Certified until you attend the class. You may sub Classified before.

 How do I find my Substitute ID# when teachers request me?

        Teachers often refer your Employee ID# as your Substitute ID#. They are the same number and you can find it in the email or letter that Aesop or Payroll sends to you once you are processed as an employee.

  I never received information regarding my Boise School District email.

        You should have received an email with your email login information about a week after completition of all required steps.  Please contact the Help Desk at 854-6670, they will ask for your Employee ID#.

  Is it better to wait for Aesop to call me or just view jobs online?

        Aesop only calls 2 days prior to the start time of the absence while viewing shows earlier.

  What are Classified jobs?

        Classified jobs are any assistant jobs i.e. School Support Assistant, Special Education Assistant, etc.

What If I have been fingerprinted in the last 6 months? 

        If you have been fingerprinted in the last 6 months through an Idaho Educational Institution then we can obtain access to your prints by submitting a BIC form. The form can be completed at your onboarding appointment. If the prints were completed longer than 6 months ago or not done for Educational purposes then you will need to be re-fingerprinted.  

   If I am a Certified sub can I take a Classified job and get Certified pay?

        No, the specific job classifies the pay. A Classified job will be paid at the Classified rate even if you are a Certified sub.

  What if I don’t have a second form of ID for the I-9?

        If you do not have a second form of ID we can fingerprint you but we cannot process you to become an employee until we have that second form of ID.

  When do subs get paid?

        All subs get paid on the 15th of each month for the previous month's work. For example, if you work in January, you will be paid on Feburary 15th for all days worked in January. 

  I am a retired teacher for the district, do I have to re-fingerprint and how long do I have to wait?

        Retirees do have to re-fingerprint with us but they do not have to pay the $28.25. The fingerprint fee is covered by the district. They also have to wait 90 days before signing any paperwork to be a substitute. 

  What if I go to a school and my original assignment was changed?

        Principals have the authority to change a sub’s assignment to fit the needs of the students or individual site.

Do I have to complete a direct deposit form? 

The District does not issue paper checks. If you do not have a banking account then you will be issued a debit card that has a fee associated with use.