South Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the South Junior High Counseling Program is to deliver a comprehensive curriculum that equips  ALL students with the academic, social, and emotional tools to achieve their career and college goals and become citizens who improve our world. We are committed to ensuring ALL students receive equal access to developmentally appropriate core classroom curriculum, small group counseling, and individual services. We advocate for ALL students to receive rigorous academic instruction and collaborate with students, administrators, teachers, families, and the community to address barriers to learning. South counselors are leaders in maintaining a school culture that is welcoming and respectful of the beliefs and traditions that makes each person unique, allowing ALL students to thrive.

Our Vision

The vision of the South Junior High counseling program is for all students to find significance in their contributions as citizens of our global community. Our students will be lifelong learners, who pursue their college and career goals in healthy, responsible, and respectful ways, carrying with them the necessary tools of resiliency and hope. Our vision is that every South student believes they will lead us into a better tomorrow.

Our Beliefs

  •  All students have the ability to achieve and can thrive when provided with fair, equitable, comprehensive, and rigorous educational instruction.
  • All students have within themselves the capacities of resilience and hope. 
  • All students must find significance and belonging within our school.  
  • All students deserve to learn in a safe and healthy environment, with understanding and respect of ethnic, cultural, political, racial, sexual, gender or socioeconomic differences.  
  • All students must understand their role in creating and maintaining the safe and healthy environment. 
  • All students receive comprehensive counseling programming providing them with the tools to succeed academically, develop socially, and to pursue college/career goals purposefully.
  • All students have access to state certified, Masters Degree-level School Counselors who will honor and abide by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards. 
  • All school counselors use data to design, implement, evaluate and continuously improve programming leading to more meaningful systemic change. 
  • All school counselors participate in ongoing professional development to maintain a program of relevance and high quality. 
  • All school counselors serve as leaders in assessing barriers to academic success and work in collaboration with students, staff, and families to advocate for positive reform to support every student.