The counseling department offers career planning so that all students can explore a career pathway that blends with their interests, abilities and leads that to the achievement of personal, educational and career goals.

7th grade

CIS  (Career Information System)

8th grade

IDEAS (career exploration activity)

9th grade

CIS Technology Career exploration

10th grade

The Career Planner: Naviance

PSAT, PLAN (optional)

11th grade


Fair/National College Fair

Resume Unit


ACT (optional)

12th grade


College/Career Informational Evening Presentations

Financial Aid Information Night

ACT & SAT (optional)


Visitations by post-secondary institutions and military branches  at Career Centers

Individual Career Planning Portfolio:

Beginning in the 7th grade, all students will develop an electronic personal career portfolio in the Career Information System (CIS).  This portfolio provides a tangible means by which students may collect and use important information to assist them with selecting and designing one or more career pathways.  The student’s portfolio is a vehicle for gathering individual information on self-knowledge such as interests, aptitudes, traits, background and personal styles that individuals bring to the career development process.  

Career Center:  A Career Center has been established at each high school to help students explore college and career plans.  Students are encouraged to investigate different career opportunities as well as educational options beyond high school.  A wide variety of resources are available, including classroom presentations, college catalogs, military options, career books/magazines, computerized career exploration programs, and scholarship/financial aid information.

Career/College planning activities for students include:

  • AVID

  • Boise National College Fair

  • Career Information System (CIS)

  • Career Planning: Naviance

  • College Information Night

  • College Planning: Naviance

  • College representative visits

  • Family Connection: Naviance

  • Financial Aid Information Night

  • Individual Career Planning Portfolios

  • Individualized Graduation Plan (I.G.P.)

  • Military recruiter visits

  • Part-time job opportunities

  • PSAT registration and preparation

  • Resume writing and interviewing skills

  • SAT/ACT registration and preparation

  • Scholarship applications/information

  • TRIO Program