2015 Food Summit

The Boise High Food Summit-

On October 15th, 2014 Boise High held is first ever Food Summit. This conference includes a celebration of our local teaching farm, with food trucks, vendors and music at the Downtown Teaching Farm.  (The Farm is used as an outdoor classroom for Environmental Science, Biology, English, Creative Writing, Government, and Economics students.) Next, students will present to their peers on selected topics related to the production and consumption of food. 

2014 BHS Food Summit

We believe that our students have important knowledge and passion for their issues.  We want to give them a voice and a platform to share!  Our student conference is a way to let our students teach and learn from each other.  Finally, we will have keynote panelists Tim Sommer, Ariel Agenbroad, Erin Guerricabetia, and Janie Burns, all of whom are ‘VIP’s’ of the local Boise food scene, for a moderated discussion of local and national food issues.  Students will be moderating this discussion.  The BHS Food Summit is a production of our 11th grade AVID class. This is project-based, community-based, inquiry learning in action!

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Key Note Speakers 

Janie Burns: President of  the new Boise Farmers Market.  She raises lambs, chickens, and eggs using organic methods. Janie Burns is one of the leading voices in Idaho’s local food movement.

Ariel Agenbroad: Ariel is an educator with University of Idaho Extension. She has taught sustainable gardening and small farming practices to youth and adults for over 7 years. She believes that having access to fresh and locally grown food is a necessity and a right for people.

Erin Guerricabeitia: Erin is the executive director of BUGS. She is dedicated to the local sustainable food movement. She also enjoys helping youth increase their knowledge of health and nutrition through organic gardening.

Tim Sommer: Tim started Purple Sage Farms. He also collaborated to organize the Idaho Organic Producers Association and develop an organic certification program for the State of Idaho.  

Christy Smith, RD LD: Christy is a Registered Dietitian and Area Manager for Boise Schools Food & Nutrition Services.

Katie Painter:  Katie is the director of Global Gardens.  She helps refugees get involved in agriculture projects.  Global Gardens encourage healthy lifestyles by harvesting, cooking and selling fresh produce.

The Vision of the Boise High Food Summit

Student Presentations

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