This website is to help students and parents find all information for my classes in one place. Please use the navigation bar to the left to view the appropriate class or please check out the useful information and tools regarding learning Spanish under Resources.

"If you practice something slowly, you forget it slowly. If you practice something fast, you forget it fast."
        -Izhak Perlman

In my classes I can teach you a lot of Spanish. I can however teach you so much more if you are able to have weekly access to the internet. This would allow practice in vocabulary, grammar, and language that will make our time in class even more productive. The online activities have been carefully picked to support their learning, and are required to be completed by Thursday at 11:59pm of every week. Generally, students should plan on spending at least 30-60 minutes a week on this type of homework for my class. Online activities will usually be compatible with any type of device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone). If you do not currently have regular internet access, I recommend considering the following:
  • Use the school library, open from 7:25 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Visit one of the many Boise Public Library branches.
  • Students can share mobile devices during permitted times at school.
  • "Study buddies" can get together at a home or location with Internet access.
  • Talk to your school counselor about affordable technology options.