Concussion Management

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In an effort to better care for our junior high student-athletes, the Boise School District, starting May 2013, will be implementing the same free Concussion Management Plan in our junior high schools, currently used at the four high schools. Under the direction of the four high school head athletic trainers, concussion baseline testing will be conducted for all IHSAA contact and collision sport athletes; football, volleyball, basketball and wrestling. By doing so, we are taking a proactive approach to the recognition, treatment, and ultimately the return to play of student-athletes who sustain head injuries during practice and competition.

This concussion management plan is a NON-INVASIVE series of four baseline tests that will give the schools a snapshot of your student-athletes and how they are physically feeling and cognitively thinking and reacting in a normal, uninjured state. The four baseline tests that are used are:

Signs & Symptoms Check List

SAC Test: Sideline Assessment of Concussion



May 13, 2013– How is the student feeling at the time of the baseline, under a normal, non-injury situation? This test is a question and answer type of test that will take approximately five minutes.– testing student’s cognitive abilities such as short and long-term memory, under a normal, non-injury situation. This test is a question and answer type of test that will take approximately five minutes.– Balance Error Scoring System– testing a student’s balance under normal, non-injury situation. This is a two-minute test checking balance.– A computer-based test that will test the student’s recognition, reaction time, and attention span. The ImPact Test will take approximately 45 minutes.

(Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Zurich, November 2012 ; American Medical Society for Sports Medicine position statement: concussion in sport

In the event that the student-athlete is believed to have suffered a concussion during practice or competition, the four exams listed above will be repeated in a progressive manner, and the data compared to the baseline test. Post-concussion tests are taken under the same conditions as the baseline: at the junior high school, supervised by the high school athletic trainer. The information is then used as a tool to assist the head athletic trainer in evaluating the extent of the injury, monitoring recovery, and determining when it is safe to return to practice and play. All information during this process will be shared with the student-athlete

Most baseline testing will be performed at the student-athlete

This baseline information is considered medical information and WILL NOT BE SHARED with coaches, teachers or administrators. This baseline information WILL NOT identify whether or not a student-athlete has a concussion. This baseline information WILL NOT BE AN EVAUATIVE TOOL FOR COACHES to determine whether or not your child makes a team.

We look forward to providing this opportunity for our junior high student athletes as a service from the Boise School District for the benefit of District patrons and the Boise community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your high school

Boise High School

Borah High School

Capital High School

Timberline High School

– Tony Fitzpatrick, LAT, ATC – 854-6266 –– Aaron Epperson, LAT, ATC – 854-4536 –– Greg Mitchell, LAT, ATC – 854-4478 –’s parents or legal guardian and junior high school nurse.’s home junior high school, prior to the beginning of each sports season, and supervised by the high school certified athletic trainer. In the event that a student-athlete misses a baseline test, arrangements will be made with the parent and the head athletic trainer of their quadrant high school to make up the baseline on an agreed upon date, time and location.’s head athletic trainer:– Nikki Clark, LAT, ATC – 854-4304