Important Information from the School Nurse

Welcome to the Nurse's office NJHS

All Junior High students are REQUIRED to have two immunizations upon entering Junior High; the tdap and the Menningococcal Vaccines. If you choose not to immunize your student you MUST have an exmeption form on file. If your student does not have the required immunizations or an exemption form on file they can be excluded from school. You will be notified by the school nurse if your student is not in compliance with required immunizations.

PE Physicals:
All incoming 7th graders are REQUIRED to have a school physical after May 1st before entering 7th grade. This physical will cover your student through high school for participating in PE.
If your student is an ahtlete they will be required to have another physical upon entering 9th and 11th grade.

Allergies Epi-pens:
We encourage students with severe allergies to carry their epi-pens. If your student has an epi-pen you must sign a form from the nurse allowing your student to carry their epi-pen.

We encourage students with asthma to carry their inhalers. If your student has an inhaler you must complete a form from the nurse's office allowing them to carry their inhaler at school.

Over the counter medications:
Students are NOT allowed to carry over the counter medications in Junior High. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are kept in the nurse's office and can be dispensed by the school nurse as long as you have a Health Enrollment form on file giving the nurse permission to give your student these medications as needed (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cough drops, TUMS) throughout the school year.

Routine Daily Prescription Medications:
If your student needs to take prescription medicine at school it must be kept in the nurse's office and a Medication Authorization form needs to be completed. The medication must be delivered to the school in a current prescription bottle. 

Chronic Medical Conditions:
If your student has a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or a seizure disorder please notify the school nurse. Diabetics are expected to come to the nurse's office to test their blood sugar and administer their insulin. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student. We want your child to be safe and healthy while they are at school.

Catherine Jonakin RN
School Nurse NJHS
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